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Bankruptcy in Halacha

I have $30,000 of credit debt (in the US). I lost my job, and my new job pays less. I do not see how I can pay the debt. What does Jewish law say about filing for bankruptcy?

Kohen Serving as Chazan in Israel

I am a kohen who comes from America, where a kohen does not duchen (do Birkat Kohanim) if he is chazan. At the yeshiva I am at, even the chazan duchens. What should I do if I am asked to be chazan?

Who Should Pay a Ticket?

My friend picked up a trempist (hitchhiker) who did not put on his seatbelt. Police pulled the car over and gave a ticket to the driver (not the passenger) for driving with someone not buckled. Should the passenger reimburse my friend?

Personal Requests on Shabbat

What types of requests are prohibited on Shabbat? Is davening for peace and tranquility in ones own words permitted?

Personal Thanks in Shemoneh Esrei

Following our grandchilds birth, I have been adding personal thanks to HaShem in Modim. Is it appropriate to do so on Shabbat?

The Time and Place for Netilat Lulav

Is it better to do netilat lulav (=nl) in the sukka before one goes to shul or during tefilla (before Hallel)?

White and Nice Clothes and Gold on Yom Kippur

Is it indeed proper to wear white clothes and not wear gold on Yom Kippur? Is there a difference between men and women? Should one wear or avoid nice clothes on Yom Kippur?

An Avel as a Chazan for Yamim Noraim

Is it permitted for an avel (mourner) to serve as a chazan for Yamim Noraim (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur)? Whose decision is it the shuls or the avels?

Finding a Discarded Aron Kodesh

I found a discarded wooden box, which someone who sold their apartment left outside a storage room. The neighbors want to throw it out. After opening it, I could tell it was used to store a small sefer Torah. What should to do with it?

Missing a Key Word from Al Hamichya

Unfortunately, I did not look at a siddur last night when reciting Al Hamichya. I made a couple mistakes along the way, and I remember specifically leaving out the words al haaretz in the chatimah (end part). Was I yotzeh?
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