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Al Hamichya on a Fruit

I ate a fruit that requires the beracha acharona of Al Haeitz but, due to a lack of concentration, I recited Al Hamichya. Do I have to subsequently recite the correct beracha acharona?

Maariv Around the Time of Chatzot

When I have the chance to daven Maariv only close to chatzot (astronomical midnight), dilemmas arise. Sometimes I have time to either recite Kriat Shema or Shemoneh Esrei before chatzot, but not both; which has precedence? Other times, I can daven all of Maariv before chatzot at home, but if I go to our local minyan factory, the minyan misses chatzot; which is better?

Mezuzot on Both Doorposts?

I am unsure to which doorpost to affix a mezuza. May I affix one on both sides, or is that prohibited as bal tosif (adding on to a mitzva)?

Roasted Foods on Pesach

Is it permissible to eat roasted food at the seder, and if not, what is included?

Working at a Bakery on Chol Hamoed Pesach

I am the only religious Jewish worker at a bakery owned by non-Jews that has a hashgacha during the year but not for Pesach. I believe that if I take off for Chol Hamoed, they will fire me. May I work then?

Tricking a Cheater

If someone asks me for an answer during a test, can I tell him the wrong answer? (Response to follow-up question I prefer not to refuse either to not suffer socially or so the cheater gets what he deserves.)

Kohen and Others Joining for a Minyan In a Cemetery

I was in a cemetery with several people (nine men) at different graves. Someone wanted to make a Kaddish, and a woman said her husband, a kohen standing on a path 50 meters away beyond a 2 ft. wall, would recite it (loudly). Were we right in doing such a Kaddish, considering he was forbidden to come to us?

Returning a Loan Complicated by Currency Changes

Two years ago Reuven, an American, sent $4,500 to Shimon, who lives in Israel, so that he could convert the money into shekels (then, 15,400 shekels) and lend it to Levi, a needy Israeli. Levi returned a quarter of the shekel sum every six months and believes he has finished repayment. Shimon now wants to return the money to Reuven, but the amount he received is worth only $3,990. Should Shimon give Reuven $4,500, or the dollar equivalent of what he received?

Early Reading of Megillat Esther

I am working on a Megilla reading program to attract families with children (not consistent shul-goers) for Purim evening (the children attend public school in the morning). Due to daylight savings time and our geographic position, tzeit hakochavim will not be until around 8 PM, a time that would discourage families from coming. May we read the Megilla from plag hamincha (11/4 hours before sunset)?

Halachic Status of Bitcoin

[Bitcoin, often called a cryptocurrency, has money-like functions without any coins or bills. Rather, it is a unit to exchange value used by probably millions of people internationally. When one transfers bitcoins as pay for a commodity or service, the seller informs the network of the transaction, and a bitcoin address is created with the information including the code (key) that the buyer will need to control the bitcoins. Within minutes, the network ledger (called the block chain) updates the new status of ownership of the bitcoins. One of bitcoins advantages is that it enables quick, inexpensive transfer of money between people worldwide. (There are now over 450 million transaction addresses, with some people owning multiple addresses). The system is self-regulated by the community of users. It is viewed in widely different ways within the financial world, governments, and legal systems.] Question: I have been learning about bitcoin. Is it considered like money or a shtar (document) for a variety of halachic issues, e.g., marrying a woman, buying property?
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