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Alternative Afikoman

In some years, my kids have been aggressive about hiding the afikoman. They have hid it in places where it broke into several pieces. When I have not found it, they have negotiated its return for more than I think is proper. In such a case, can I just use a different piece of matza? And when it has been broken into pieces, is it better to use a new piece or to use the original?

Keeping Foods Cooked in Chametzdik Pots

Sometimes I have foods that I cooked in chametzdik pots without any chametz ingredients that I fail to finish before Pesach. May I keep them in the corner of the freezer and mark them as chametzdik? (I try to not sell chametz, especially if it was already cooked.)

Use of a Heter Iska when Lending Money to Ones Company

I am a general partner (having special authority and responsibility) in an LLC (Limited Liability Company) with only Jewish partners. In order to facilitate a real estate purchase, some of us lent money to the company (we have the authority to do so at market rate interest or invest for equity) without a heter iska. Does one need a heter iska to lend money to an LLC, and if yes, can we do one now?

When to Make Up Psukei Dzimra

Someone in shul did something I see as strange. He came late, skipped to Yishtabach when the tzibbur got up to it, but then was making up few psukim of Psukei Dzimra at each of the pauses in Birchot Kriat Shema and during chazarat hashatz (we barely had a minyan, and it was unclear to me how often he was answering amen). Is that the right way to do things?

Receiving Credit Card Benefit on Purchase for Someone Else

Reuven paid for Shimons plane ticket using his credit card and was to be reimbursed. Is it considered that Reuven lent money to Shimon, so that if Reuven receives more than he gave because of credit card points he earned, it is ribbit (forbidden usury)? Also, who deserves to get the points, i.e., should Reuven credit Shimon for his gain?

Joining a Shushan Purim Seuda

At my Purim seuda this year (Friday, in Yerushalayim), I will be hosting my children from outside the city. Are there any limitations on their participation considering that it is Erev Shabbat?

Tefillin on a Semi-Permanent Toupee

My balding at a young age is having a major effect on my dating and my self-image. I am considering getting a toupee that is glued down to the scalp, which lasts for 3-6 months. Would I have a problem of a chatzitza (separation from the body) for my tefillin?

Leaving Money for Tzedaka in a Will

How much could or should one leave in a will for tzedaka before dividing the rest among the children?

Finishing Time for Mincha

Am I correct that lchatchila, it is proper to start Mincha early enough to finish before shekiah? If so, what are the key sources on the matter?

Use of Salad Slicers on Shabbat

May I use a salad slicer (approximately, a hand-operated food processor) on Shabbat?
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