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Trips during the Nine Days

I run a camp for children under bar mitzva during a period that includes the Nine Days. We usually take them on trips off campus once a week. Is it permitted to do so during the Nine Days?

Toveling which Utensil First

I made a beracha before toveling several utensils, primarily glass, which I started with. Then I noticed that one of the utensils was metal. Since toveling metal is a Torah obligation and for glass it is Rabbinic, could the beracha on the glass utensil count for metal? Should I have made another beracha on the metal utensil?

Engagement Parties during the Three Weeks

Is it permitted to make an engagement party during the Three Weeks (i.e., before Rosh Chodesh Av)?

Accidentally Staying on the Bus Longer than Envisioned

What is the Halacha in the following scenario? I am on an intercity bus, in which the price depends on how far you go. I fall asleep and miss my stop. Should I go to the driver to pay for the additional distance I will end up going?

Fulfilling Kiddush from One Who Did Not Eat

If the person making Kiddush in shul does not eat after Kiddush, is his Kiddush valid?

Answering Amen to Hamakom Yenachem

Should a mourner (or others present) answer Amen to the words of consolation, Hamakom yenachem etchem btoch shear aveili Tzion vYerushalayim?

Reciting Kriat Shema at the Very End of its Time

My shul sometimes misses sof zman Kriat Shema (=szKS) by a few minutes. The rabbi instructs people to say the three parshiyot of Shema before davening, but I usually go ahead to make Kriat Shema on time and wait during the following beracha for the tzibbur to catch up. Is that an improvement and/or a perfect system?

Secrecy in Beit Din

[We received the following question from an official in Israels judicial system. Below is a free translation of our answer.] In Israeli government courts, records of the proceedings are open to the public, but the proceedings in arbitration courts (including batei din) are supposed to be private. Is there halachic basis for this distinction?

Kaddish Rights According to the Deceased or Mourners?

I am in the midst of the year of Kaddish/chazanut for a parent. Two brothers have been davening due to shloshim. After they finish shloshim, should we have a rotation of three or, considering that our recitations are to bring merit for the deceased, should I be chazan half the time? (We will not fight over it but would like to do the correct thing.)

Kriat HaTorah at Mincha

When it is not possible to get a minyan together for a weekday Shacharit, may we lain at Mincha?
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