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Tefillin in Pre-Dawn Hours

I work at a hospital and, some days, I am unable to wear tefillin during the day, but only pre-dawn. May I then put on tefillin before its regular time? [Our staff knows the querier.]

Doing Tevilat Keilim Before Giving Present

I often give glass salad bowls as presents. Is there any problem with doing tevilat keilim on them before giving them to save time for the recipient or out of concern that they will not do tevila?

Returning Another Persons Theft

I was at a coffee shop, and an ostensibly religious Jew (Reuven) left intentionally without paying. I heard the angry reaction of the proprietor (Shimon) and decided to pay instead of Reuven, hoping to reduce the chillul Hashem. Did my payment exempt Reuven? What about paying kefel (double payment for covert theft)? How did it affect Reuvens teshuva process? Also, were the berachot Reuven made on the food lvatala when it turns out retroactively the food was stolen?

Hatarat Nedarim for Promise Toward Another

If someone committed to a certain amount of Torah study to win a special aliya, may he do hatarat nedarim on it (with a good excuse)? (I assume there is no problem of nidrei mitzva.)

Imperfectly Said Tefillat Haderech

When I go on bus tours, the tour guide often has someone say Tefillat Haderech, to which everyone answers Amen, before we leave the city limits of Yerushalayim. I thought it is supposed to be recited after you have left the city. In such a case, should I say "Amen"? Should I say it myself at the right time? Also, on a one day trip, if the person leaves out the phrase vtachzirenu lvaytenu lshalom, should I repeat the tefilla with that phrase?

LED Shoes for Children on Shabbat

Can a child wear on Shabbat shoes that have lights (LED) in the soles that light up when he walks?

Products Containing Minute Quantities of Non-Kosher Food

I want to use a homeopathic allergy medicine that contains some apis mellifica, which is trace quantities of crushed honeybee. Is this permitted?

Removing Hair from Eyebrows

I am a young man with a unibrow, which I find very embarrassing. May I remove some hair with tweezers from that area? Also, may I remove some more hair to make my eyebrows less bushy?

Kashering Frozen Liver

If a piece of liver was frozen for weeks, can it be cooked and roasted?

Al Hamichya on a Fruit

I ate a fruit that requires the beracha acharona of Al Haeitz but, due to a lack of concentration, I recited Al Hamichya. Do I have to subsequently recite the correct beracha acharona?
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