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Imperfectly Said Tefillat Haderech

When I go on bus tours, the tour guide often has someone say Tefillat Haderech, to which everyone answers Amen, before we leave the city limits of Yerushalayim. I thought it is supposed to be recited after you have left the city. In such a case, should I say "Amen"? Should I say it myself at the right time? Also, on a one day trip, if the person leaves out the phrase vtachzirenu lvaytenu lshalom, should I repeat the tefilla with that phrase?

LED Shoes for Children on Shabbat

Can a child wear on Shabbat shoes that have lights (LED) in the soles that light up when he walks?

Products Containing Minute Quantities of Non-Kosher Food

I want to use a homeopathic allergy medicine that contains some apis mellifica, which is trace quantities of crushed honeybee. Is this permitted?

Removing Hair from Eyebrows

I am a young man with a unibrow, which I find very embarrassing. May I remove some hair with tweezers from that area? Also, may I remove some more hair to make my eyebrows less bushy?

Kashering Frozen Liver

If a piece of liver was frozen for weeks, can it be cooked and roasted?

Al Hamichya on a Fruit

I ate a fruit that requires the beracha acharona of Al Haeitz but, due to a lack of concentration, I recited Al Hamichya. Do I have to subsequently recite the correct beracha acharona?

Maariv Around the Time of Chatzot

When I have the chance to daven Maariv only close to chatzot (astronomical midnight), dilemmas arise. Sometimes I have time to either recite Kriat Shema or Shemoneh Esrei before chatzot, but not both; which has precedence? Other times, I can daven all of Maariv before chatzot at home, but if I go to our local minyan factory, the minyan misses chatzot; which is better?

Mezuzot on Both Doorposts?

I am unsure to which doorpost to affix a mezuza. May I affix one on both sides, or is that prohibited as bal tosif (adding on to a mitzva)?

Roasted Foods on Pesach

Is it permissible to eat roasted food at the seder, and if not, what is included?

Working at a Bakery on Chol Hamoed Pesach

I am the only religious Jewish worker at a bakery owned by non-Jews that has a hashgacha during the year but not for Pesach. I believe that if I take off for Chol Hamoed, they will fire me. May I work then?
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