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Dilemmas of Chazan for Shabbat Kedusha

I am a frequent chazan. Someone pleasantly set out at length [condensed here] his objections to the way I (like others) do Kedusha of Musaf. He argued that since the tzibbur now recites Kvodo malei olam, which introduces Baruch kvod, the chazan must not sing Kadosh in a way that encourages them to repeat it. He should start his tune with Kvodo, demonstrating that Kadosh and Kvodo are separate, and it is better if the chazan says Kadosh quietly. Is he right?

Refusing Permission to Take Unwanted Things

I am serving in the army, and I witness a lot of things being thrown out, whether it is food or other items that they no longer have use for. If I am confident that something is going to be thrown out, but it has not yet been done, can I take the item for myself in a manner that is against the rules? My understanding is that they object to people taking such food out of fear that someone will get sick from the food and sue. Regarding objects, I understand that if people get used to taking things that are about to be discarded, some will take certain things that are not really about to be discarded. However, if I am convinced that it is a time that they do not really want the items for themselves, is it forbidden to take them? Please provide sources to prove your point.

Double Wrapping Food in a Treif Oven

I know that sometimes when warming something in a not kosher oven or a milchig food in a fleishig oven, he double wraps the food. When is this necessary and why?

Musaf or Hallel?

After davening Mincha on Rosh Chodesh, I (a woman) wanted to make up Hallel and Musaf that I did not have a chance to do in the morning. I saw that I did not have enough time before sunset to do both. Which one should I have done?

Supermarket Manners or Halacha?

I was in a supermarket and saw a woman take the last packages of a certain item. She then left them in her shopping cart and walked off elsewhere. Another woman saw the empty shelf and the items in the cart, and took some of them from the cart and put them in hers. Was that just bad manners or stealing (i.e., the first woman already had acquired it)?

Child Riding a Bicycle on Shabbat

May a child ride a bicycle on Shabbat in a place that has an eiruv?

Using an Hourglass on Shabbat

This past Yom Kippur, I was a few days after birth, and so a rabbi said that I could eat small amounts of food. He lent me an hourglass set to give the correct amount of time for eating in intervals. Is it always permitted to use an hourglass on Shabbat, or was it a special leniency because of my medical status?

An Israeli Being a Chazan Abroad Before Dec. 5

If a chiyuv to be a chazan is abroad between 7 Cheshvan and Dec. 5th, is it okay for him to be a chazan? Does he say vten tal umatar livracha, (=vtum) during his silent Shemoneh Esrei (=SE) and chazarat hashatz?

Color of the Inside of the Retzuot (Tefillin Straps)

Until recently, I had only seen tefillin retzuot blackened on one side, but when I went to buy tefillin for my son, the sofer suggested retzuot that are black on both sides. He says these are now common and preferable, and the price difference is modest. Which is better to buy?

Moving Fallen Decorations on Sukkot

I know that there is a halacha about sukka decorations being muktzeh throughout Sukkot because they are set aside for a mitzva. Does that mean I should leave them where they fell and, if so, do the halachot apply to both Shabbat/Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed?
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