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Fulfilling Parashat Zachor on Ki Teitzei

I heard a chumra that during a leap year, with 13 months between readings of Parashat Zachor, one should have in mind to fulfill the mitzva of zechirat Amalek during the reading of those psukim in Ki Teitzei. Should I do that (shuls do not usually announce it)?

Tasting Meat Liquids

When I cook for Shabbat, I like to taste the chicken soup and gravies to make sure they are properly spiced. Does that make me fleishig?

Chazan Having Trouble Taking Three Steps Back

As chazan, I was unable to take three steps back after my silent Shemoneh Esrei because someone was davening close behind me even when the gabbai signaled me to start chazarat hashatz. What should I have done at that point?

A Shul Kiddush as the Third Meal

Can I count the cake and other foods I eat at a shul Kiddush, followed by a regular Shabbat meal at home, as the second and third meals of Shabbat?

Making Changes to Shabbat Clock on Shabbat

May one make changes on Shabbat (and which ones?) to the settings on a Shabbat clock that is connected to electrical appliances?

Leather Arch Supports on Tisha Bav

May I wear leather arch supports in my non-leather shoes on Tisha Bav?

Family Name as Alternative for a Ketuba Witness

Must witnesses on a ketuba sign with their fathers name (Ploni ben Ploni)? Can one instead use his first and last name? This could be valuable for a convert or someone whose father is someone else than what people think and is embarrassed about the truth.

Reconciling Conflicting Kaddish Considerations

Every year, I am the one who says Kaddish for my mother-in-law (=mil) on her yahrtzeit. This year it falls out during the twelfth month of aveilut for my father, when one should not say Kaddish. How should I reconcile the conflict?

Visiting Egypt

I am considering sightseeing in Egypt. Need I be concerned with the Torahs prohibition of returning to Egypt?

Finding a Fruit with Kedushat Shviit

My wife shopped at a special kedushat shviit fruit distribution. A few hours later, I spotted on the walkway to our building (of seven apartments) a single fruit. I took it home and asked my wife, who said it made sense that it fell from her, but asked how we can know it is not from a neighbor who might have also bought. Do I have to put up a sign or ask neighbors (whom I trust) if it could be theirs? Is it more lenient because there is no ownership of kedushat shviit fruit?
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