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How to Tell When Your Tefillin Need Adjustment

How can one tell when his tefillin shel rosh needs adjustment?

Taking Off Challa on Shabbat

My sons were guests in Bnei Brak. The hosts forgot to do hafrashat challa before Shabbat. On Shabbat, the baal habayit separated some challa to be burnt after Shabbat. Was it okay for my sons to have eaten?

Lighting Chanuka Lights at a Chanuka Party

It is popular to light Chanuka candles in public gatherings. My extended family (about 40 people) will being getting together on a night of Chanuka in a small hall. Should/can we light with a beracha? (We expect all to have already lit at home.)

How Fast Does a Guarantor Have to Pay?

Does an arev kablan (strong form of loan guarantor) have to pay immediately upon being asked to? If not, how much time does he have?

Beracha Acharona on Fruit of Non-Jews in Israel

If I eat nochri (field in Israel owned by a non-Jew) fruit that gets an Al Haetz, do I end the beracha with al hapeirot or al peiroteha?

Saying Shemoneh Esrei Audibly

I daven with someone who davens Shemoneh Esrei loudly enough to disturb my davening significantly. Can/should I say anything?

Taking Ribbit from a Non-Jew in Israel

I understand that the reason it is permitted to take ribbit (usury) from a non-Jew is that we live among them and cannot avoid business with them. Can one who lives in Israel rely on logic that does not apply here?

Inheritance Without Maaser Kesafim

My parents are planning their will and want to divide the estate evenly between my brother and me. They are bothered by my practice of giving maaser kesafim, as they want their children, not charity (to whom they will also leave money), to receive their inheritance. If I cannot figure out a way to avoid maaser, they will give the entire estate to my brother. Is it there a permitted way for me to obviate the obligation of maaser, or should I stand on principle even in the face of losing a lot of money?

Delayed Chanukat Habayit

We moved into a new house four months ago. Are we still obligated to make a chanukat habayit, or have we missed the opportunity? What does the obligation entail?

Practicing Saying Vten Tal UMatar"

How many times is it required to recite repeatedly Vten tal umatar (=Vten) until we can assume, when in doubt, that I said the recitation correctly?
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