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An Israeli Being a Chazan Abroad Before Dec. 5

If a chiyuv to be a chazan is abroad between 7 Cheshvan and Dec. 5th, is it okay for him to be a chazan? Does he say vten tal umatar livracha, (=vtum) during his silent Shemoneh Esrei (=SE) and chazarat hashatz?

Color of the Inside of the Retzuot (Tefillin Straps)

Until recently, I had only seen tefillin retzuot blackened on one side, but when I went to buy tefillin for my son, the sofer suggested retzuot that are black on both sides. He says these are now common and preferable, and the price difference is modest. Which is better to buy?

Moving Fallen Decorations on Sukkot

I know that there is a halacha about sukka decorations being muktzeh throughout Sukkot because they are set aside for a mitzva. Does that mean I should leave them where they fell and, if so, do the halachot apply to both Shabbat/Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed?

Non-Leather Footwear on Yom Kippur

Is it permitted and proper to wear comfortable non-leather footwear on Yom Kippur?

Questions about Simanim on Rosh Hashana

I have some questions about the simanim (symbolic foods) we eat on Rosh Hashana. Should we have them both nights? Is it done before or after washing, and how does this impact on the berachot made on them?

Garbage Disposal on Shabbat

My neighborhoods garbage is collected on Shabbat. Isnt it a problem having a non-Jew do melacha for me on Shabbat? What would the basis for leniency be, if there is any?

Answering Monetary Questions part II

Questions of consistency on this topic go way back. Many of the fathers of the prohibition to answer questions about conflicts without hearing both sides seem to violate it in other teshuvot. Perhaps the most important compilation of distinctions is found in the Pitchei Teshuva, Choshen Mishpat 17:11, upon which much of the below is based.

Answering Monetary Questions part I

People often ask us questions about financial disputes they are involved in. We respond that we do not get involved in practical monetary situations that affect another side whose view we have not heard. Most take this in stride. Others take offense. One pointed out that there are monetary discussions on our site. So, I decided to discuss our approach in more detail.]

Eating before Kiddush

As a nursing mother, I sometimes get very hungry or thirsty between when I light candles and when my husband comes home from shul. When this happens, is it permitted for me to eat or drink?

How Many Eggs Should be Boiled Together?

When making hardboiled eggs, may one cook one or two eggs or must there be at least three? Also, does it make a difference if there is an even or odd number?
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