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Lying to Avoid Embarrassment

If someone asks you a tactless, unnecessary question, the answer to which is embarrassing, and refusing to answer is like admitting the truth, is it permitted to lie?

Sitting Next to Someone Who Is Davening on the Bus

I was sitting next to my wife on a bus, and she was davening. Was I was allowed to remain seated when she got up to Shemoneh Esrei?

When to Make a Beracha for Inheritance

The executor of my mothers will is starting to distribute funds. I saw in Pninei Halacha (online) that the beneficiaries should say Hatov Vhameitiv when they receive the funds. In our case, distribution will be piecemeal. When/how often should I recite the beracha?

The Way to Make Charoset

Are there halachot of how to make charoset, or is the (approximate) final product the important thing?

The Logic Behind the Unusual Fast of the Firstborn

What type of fast is taanit bechorot on Erev Pesach? If it is a real fast, why do people use a loophole (taking part in a siyum) to get out of it?

Alerting People to Stand

At our minyan, we take a sefer Torah from a beit midrash in which people are learning and return it to there. Sometimes when we return the sefer Torah, someone bangs so that everyone will stand up for it. Is this necessary?

When Does a Negative Practice Become Binding?

If one decided to accept a stringency and is refraining from doing something, without a verbal acceptance of a neder (oath), at what point is it considered binding? While for something active, three performances make it binding, how does refraining from action work to accomplish it?

Extended Purim Seuda

My family likes to have the Purim seuda toward the end of the day, and then we eat well into the night. What are the halachic implications (if any)?

Davening Late with a Minyan

I went for Shabbat for a family simcha to a community with one shul, which started tefilla at 10:00 AM, after sof zman tefilla. Was it better to daven with a minyan or by myself at the right time?

Moving Kugel into a Cholent Pot Revisited

May I take a potato kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crock pot?
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