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Consequence of Removal of Sleeve from under Tefillin

When after fastening the tefillin shel yad, I find part of my sleeve under the tefillin and pull it away, must I refasten the tefillin due to the rule of taaseh vlo min haasuy (=tvlmh mitzva-related actions must be performed directly)? In this case, the placement of the tefillin becomes proper not by fastening them but by removing something else!

Key Accessibility for Non-Jew Who Buys Chametz

Mechirat chametz forms ask me to identify someone with access to our key to the chametzs location if we are away. Is this necessary considering the non-Jew never comes to get the chametz?

Siyum for Taanit Bechorot Via Live Streaming

On Erev Pesach, I will be in a small Jewish community that will not have a siyum. Is it permitted for me a bechor to break the taanit bechorot based on a siyum in which I participate via Skype?

Hearing the Megillah in Quarantine

These guidelines are written in response to inquiries from people who are in quarantine due to potential Coronavirus infection, and to inquiries from communities in the Diaspora where local authorities have forbidden public gatherings in places such as synagogues.

Hashem's Names with Dashes

Some people write Hashems Name in English as G-d. Is that necessary, or are the halachot of Hashems Name only in Hebrew? If a Name can be in any language, then isnt G-d another recognized form to write Hashems Name and have the same problem?

Parashat Zachor with Different Pronunciations

My shul has always read Parashat Zachor once, with our regular havara (pronunciation). Some people now complain that we do not follow other shuls and read multiple times with different havarot to fulfill the mitzva according to more opinions and to do the mitzva properly for Sephardim. Should we change our minhag?

Drinking during Davening

I showed my surprise to a serious young man who was drinking coffee during Shacharit. He said it helps him daven and is permitted. Can that be correct?

Kaddish after Anim Zemirot

In my shul, at the end of Anim Zemirot, the chazan (child) does not say Lecha Hashem hagedula I understand that it is not permitted to say Kaddish after a shir (song of praise) without psukim. Can you provide me with sources to prove this?

Speaking to The Deceased

Is there a proof from the gemara in Berachot 18b-19a that when people speak to the deceased in the cemetery, he hears and understands?

Frozen Challa for Lechem Mishneh

May we use a frozen challa for lechem mishneh on Shabbat?
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