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Parashat Zachor with Different Pronunciations

My shul has always read Parashat Zachor once, with our regular havara (pronunciation). Some people now complain that we do not follow other shuls and read multiple times with different havarot to fulfill the mitzva according to more opinions and to do the mitzva properly for Sephardim. Should we change our minhag?

Drinking during Davening

I showed my surprise to a serious young man who was drinking coffee during Shacharit. He said it helps him daven and is permitted. Can that be correct?

Kaddish after Anim Zemirot

In my shul, at the end of Anim Zemirot, the chazan (child) does not say Lecha Hashem hagedula I understand that it is not permitted to say Kaddish after a shir (song of praise) without psukim. Can you provide me with sources to prove this?

Speaking to The Deceased

Is there a proof from the gemara in Berachot 18b-19a that when people speak to the deceased in the cemetery, he hears and understands?

Frozen Challa for Lechem Mishneh

May we use a frozen challa for lechem mishneh on Shabbat?

Definition of Davar Gush

l have learned that a hot solid piece of food, such as a chunk of meat or a potato, has special halachot because it holds in the heat. How do we consider something like vegetable soup, which has both significant broth and solid pieces of vegetables?

Difficulty in Returning Stolen Funds

Years ago, when I was working for a consulting firm, my bosses had me inflate hours we charged clients. (I received a set monthly salary). I now feel bad that I stole from my clients. I would want to return that money, but it is too hard to track down the clients and know how much to pay each. I understand that in such cases, one can donate money for public needs, so that those who are owed benefit. How do I do that, considering that many clients probably now live throughout the country and likely the world?

Using Tzedaka Funds for Grandchildrens Education

Can one use maaser money to pay for their grandchildrens education? Is there a distinction between grandsons and granddaughters or Judaic studies and general studies? If it is permitted, may I putting money in a 529 fund (which earmarks savings for education, primarily post-secondary in return for tax breaks for the donor in the US)?

Where Should the Tzitzit Be Connected to the Tallit?

I have learned that the tzitzit should be laying on the outside of the tallit, but I do not see that people are careful about it. How important is it for it to be done properly?

A Late Tachanun

The chazan skipped Tachanun, and everyone assumed there was a chatan or a brit. After davening, the chazan said he just forgot Tachanun. People disagreed about whether we could/should say Tachanun at that point. What is the halacha?
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