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Chazan Starting with Chazarat Hashatz

As we were finishing up silent Shemoneh Esrei, an avel came in and wanted to take over as chazan before doing silent Shemoneh Esrei. He davened until Kedusha and planned to continue silently. People told him to continue chazarat hashatz out loud. Was it possible to do this?

To What Does Havdala Relate?

This is more of a philosophical than halachic question, but is Havdala a mitzva of Shabbat or a mitzva of chol (weekday)?

Reliability Regarding Kashrut

Does one witness is believed in matters of issurin (what is religiously forbidden/permitted, including, kashrut) apply even if the witness has a personal interest, such as a store or restaurant? Does it apply to a woman? Must the person be a yareh shamayim? How is a mashgiach better than the owner if the business pays him?

Answering Birkat Kohanim when One Kohen Finishes Last

In my shul, one kohen regularly finishes Birkat Kohanim after the others. When should I answer amen?

Answering Devarim Shebekedusha During Ones Beracha

What are the halachot regarding someone who is saying a beracha (e.g., Asher Yatzar) and then starts hearing Kaddish or Kedusha? If she can finish before amen yehei shmei rabba (=aysr), should she just say the beracha quickly?

Unintentional and Innocuous Deceit

I ordered something and had it delivered to my in-laws house. I forgot to mention it to them, so when it arrived, they assumed it was a gift for them and thanked me. Is it permissible to "play along" and pretend it was intended for them?

Maintaining a Possibly Grafted Tree

I bought property with a nectarine tree and do not know if it is grafted. What do I do with it?

Nichum Aveilim on Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed

Can nichum aveilim be done on Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed?

Shehecheyanu on Shofar on Second Day

Why is it that at Kiddush on the second night of Rosh Hashana we require a new fruit in order to make Shehecheyanu but say Shehecheyanu before shofar-blowing of the second day without help?

When to Cut the Challa?

Does one fulfill lechem mishneh if the bread is cut, or the matza is broken, prior to the completion of the beracha?
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