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Good News from Eretz Hemdah Tishrei 5778

From London to Melbourne Spreading the Torah of "Eretz Hemdah"

The first group of rabbis have just completed their five-year program of study and been certified as eligible to serve as town rabbis. Some will also receive a master’s degree in Torah and Science Studies from Bar-Ilan University.

Rabbi Eliyahu and Yocheved Silverman have moved to London, where they are doing very well. They are faithful examples of the capability to grow in Torah as part of full partnership in building the State of Israel. Mizrachi in Great Britain and World Mizrachi are supporting the Silvermans and being supported in turn, as they express the values of religious Zionism at its best.

Rabbi Yehoshua and Malki Asoulin will soon depart for their assignment in Torah education in Melbourne, Australia. They will add an important new aspect in the project of producing a new generation of religious Zionist leaders for communities in the Diaspora.

We welcome the three new rabbis who are joining the program: Rabbi Avichai Goodman, Rabbi Shmuel Millunchick, and Rabbi Yirmiyahu Kulik.

Rabbi Doron Podlashuk and the directors of the program are working day and night to ensure the program’s success.




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