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Good News from Eretz Hemdah Tishrei 5778

A Beit Midrash for the youth of Ra'anana

We would like to share with you the extensive activities that the beit midrash organizes for teenagers in Ra’anana.

The rabbis and their wives devote many hours to learning with the boys and girls of the congregation. The teens are also invited to share Shabbat meals in the rabbis’ homes.

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons the beit midrash is alive with the voices of elementary school children learning Torah.

Every age group in grades 7 to 12 is assigned to a rabbinic couple who organizes fun-filled activities for them every other week, conveying educational and Torah messages. Close personal bonds have emerged between the families and the young people.

In the work with the eleventh and twelfth graders, the accent is on helping them prepare for their future and steering them to the appropriate Torah-study track for each of them.

Rabbi Yitzhak and Yifat Steinberg have been overseeing this program for ten years now. Their impressive work amazes all who come in contact with it.

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