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Rabbi Yosef Eitan
Rabbinical advisor and decisor at Machon Puah in Jerusalem. 
Lecturer at the yeshiva in Ramat Gan.
Rabbi David Aronovsky
Researcher for the Talmudical Encyclopedia.
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Be’eri
CEO, Tzohar
Rabbi Lt. Colonel Tzadok Ben-Artzi 
Head of  “Toda’ah Yehudit”  in the I. D. F.
Rabbi Dr. Uriel Twitto
Lecturer, Orot College, Elkanah
Rabbi Dan Ki-Tov
Rosh Metivta at the Derech Chaim Yeshiva and a researcher at Machon Shlomo Aumann.
Rabbi Arye Katz
Halachic authority at the Machon Puah Institute in Jerusalem.
Dayan in the “Eretz Hemdah- Gazit” Beit Din
Rabbi Ofer Livnat
Dayan at the Eretz Hemdah-Gazit Beit Din.
Lecturer at Michlalah, Jerusalem.
Project Coordinator, the Bamareh Habazak and Ask the Rabbi responsa project; Educational coordinator, E-learning.
Rabbi Tzvi Yanir
Teaches at the Bar Ilan Ulpanit in Netanya, director of the preparatory department, teaches at the military conversion system "Nativ Patuach" and at symposiums of continuing education. Rabbi of P’ninat Ganim community, Petach Tikva and Head of Converting Section in an Institution for Judaism
Rabbi Chaim Tzafri
Lecturer, Moreshet Hamishpat Institute.
Rabbi Menachem Copperman
Head of the Kollel “Lev HaTorah” Yeshiva, Ramat Beit Shemesh. Rabbi of the “Ahavat Tzion” community, Ramat Beit Shemesh.
English language responded rabbi on questions of economics and Halacha on the Yeshiva website.
Lecturer at the “Moreshet” station of Israel radio. 
Dayan in the “Eretz Hemdah- Gazit” Beit Din of Beit Shemesh
Rabbi Ido Rechnitz
Manager, Eretz Hemdah-Gazit Batei Din, Research Coordinator at the Mishpatei Eretz Institute, Ofrah.
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