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Training a new generation of leading Torah
 scholars imbued with loyalty to their people and their land, leaders with broad horizons who will work on uniting the nation through active rapprochement.

Founder and president Rabbi Shaul Israeli zt”l

Eretz Hemdah:
An intensive and comprehensive seven-year curriculum.
The curriculum prepares students for certification as dayanim
(Rabbinic judges) and rabbis of cities, and to serve as Ramim (lecturers)
and deans on college level and graduate level yeshivot.
Certification as a dayan is officially recognized as a Ph.D. equivalent.


Areas of Activity:
Beit Midrash, spreading Torah, 'Eretz Hemdah Gazit' - 
Rabbinical Court for Monetary Matters,
The Responsum Project: B’mareh Habazak, Ask The Rabbi,
Batei Midrash in the Diaspora,
Hemdat Yamim: A Weekly Leaflet of Divrei Torah

Our address:

2 Bruriya St. 
 Jerusalem 9318405

Tel: 02-5371485
Fax: 02-5379626
Amuta Reshuma no. 580120780

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