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Syllabus for Hilchot Shabbat


Shiur number 1- Principles of the prohibition of asking a non-Jew to Perform Melacha on Shabbat (pdf)

Video 1- Requesting Melacha from a non-Jew on Shabbat - only ודבר דבר?

Video 2- Requesting Melacha from a non-Jew on Shabbat - חילול שבת by proxy, or disrespect?

Video 3- Hinting that a Melacha should get done on Shabbat


Shiur number 2- Defining on one's behalf (pdf)

Video 2- Did Raban Gamliel use Melacha done on his behalf on Shabbat?

Video 3- Who was the Melacha done for - people present? Acquaintances?

Video 4- Is melacha that was performed for a certain Jew prohibited for others' use?


Shiur number 3- Defining Benefit from Melacha (pdf)

Video 1- Is a Jew obligated to stop a non-Jew from desecrating Shabbat?

Video 2- Can a Jew benefit from Melacha done on Shabbat that was attainable without it?

Video 3- Benefiting from Melacha that did not create new benefit


Shiur number 4- Instructing A Non- Jew to do Melacha - Special Leniencies (pdf)

Video 2- Leniency in benefiting from Melacha performed by a non-Jew on Shabbat to facilitate a Mitzvah - Rif


Shiur number 5- Leniencies that allow requesting or benefitting from a melacha (pdf)

Video 1- Benefiting from a Non-Jew's Melacha to Avert Financial Loss

Video 2- Is performing Malacha Be'Shinui De'rabanan enough?

Video 3- Unique Double Derabanans

Video 4- Is performing Malacha Be'Shinui De'rabanan enough?


Shiur number 6- Business partnership with a non-Jew(pdf)


Shiur number 7- Marit Ayin in employing non-Jews to work on Shabbat(pdf)


Shiur number 8- Melacha Performed by a Jew on Shabbat(pdf)


Shiur number 9-Defining Permitted Forms of Benefit On Shabbat(pdf)


Shiur number 10- Shvitat Kelim part 1(pdf)


Shiur number 11- Shvitat Kelim part 2(pdf)


Shiur number 12- Travelling on the Days Proceeding Shabbat2(pdf)


Shiur number 13- Defining the Different Stages of Bishul(pdf)


Shiur number 14- Bishul After Bishul(pdf)


Shiur number 15- Bishul After Baking and Grilling & Vice Versa (pdf)


Shiur number 16- Placing Food Near the Heat Source and Returning Food to the Heat Source on Shabbat(pdf)


Shiur number 17- The Conditions of Chazara(pdf)


Shiur number 18- Transferring from One Source of Heat to Another, and Hotplates


Shiur number 19- The Conditions of Chazara (pdf)


Shiur number 20- Kalei Bishul (pdf)


Shiur number 21- Mixing Hot and Cold Water (pdf)


Shiur number 22- Kalei Bishul (pdf)


Shiur number 23- Varying sources of heat (pdf)


Shiur number 24- Varying sources of heat (pdf)


Shiur number 25- Food That May Be Left on the Flame as Shabbat Begins heat (pdf)


Shiur number 26- הטמנה – Enveloping the food (pdf)


Shiur number 27- Tosefet Shabbat (pdf)

Video 1 - The Nature of Tosefet Shabbat

Video 2 - The Nature of Tosefet Shabbat

Video 3 - The two roles of Plag Hamincha in early Shabbat

Video 4 - How do we know that we can add time to Shabbat

Video 5 - Why should we eat after nightfall once accepting early Shabbat

Video 6 - Tosefet Shabbat How much time should be added

Video 7 - Can one daven mincha after accepting Shabbat

Video 8 - Why do we light Shabbat candles

Video 9 - Accepting Shabbat in your mind


Shiur number 28- The Reasons Behind the Mitzvah of Candlelighting (pdf)

Video 1 - Can electric bulbs BE Shabbat candles

Video 2 - Bracha on shabbat candles when electric lights are on

Video 3 - Can we make a Bracha on making ourselves happy with the Bracha

Video 4 - Where do we light Shabbat candles when eating out

Video 5 - Lighting Shabbat candles by a Couple that is not spending Shabbat together

Video 6 - Shabbat candle lighting Is the Mitzvah the action or the outcome


Shiur number 29 - זכור את יום השבת לקדשו

Video 1 - The Mitzvah of זכור commemorating and sanctifying Shabbat

Video 2 - When we say "Kiddush d'Oraita," what do we mean?

Video 3 - Is the morning Kiddush actually Kiddush

Video 4 - Can Men who have davened make Kiddush for women who did not

Video 5 - Can we share the contentment of the Kiddush wine


Unit 30

Video 1 - How much of the Kiddush wine are we required to drink

Video 2 - קידוש במקום סעודה The relationship between Kiddush and the לחם משנה


Unit 31

Video 1 - Why is יציאת מצרים not mentioned in Havdala?

Video 2 - Why must we make Havdala?

Video 3 - Are women allowed to make Havdala?

Video 4 - Why do we make Havdalah in davening and on the wine


Unit 32

Video 1 - How much Whisky should we drink for Kiddush

Video 2 - What Beracha should be recited on the Besamim

Video 3 - What beverages may be used for Havdalah

Video 4 - Is Besamim for Havdala a Mitzvah or just a good idea

Video 5 - בורא מאורי האש celebrating the fire's birthday


Unit 33

Video 1 - You are not allowed to worry on Shabbat!

Video 2 - Talking too much on Shabbat

Video 3 - Talking about work on Shabbat

Video 4 - Preparing for the week on Shabbat Rambam's opinion

Video 5 - Washing dishes on Shabbat - A Melacha (Rambam) or inappropriate effort (Raavad)

Video 6 - Can I take my Talit home from shul on Shabbat?

Video 7 - Loading the dishwasher on Shabbat


Unit 34

Video 1 - Commerce on Shabbat is אסור מדאורייתא

Video 2 - We SHOULD be giving presents on Yom Tov!

Video 3 - May I hand a present over on Shabbat?

Video 4 - Let's go shopping on Yom Tov!

Video 5 - Bar Mitzvah and Wedding Presents on Shabbat

Video 6 - Employing on Shabbat


Unit 35

Video 1 - May Money Earned on Shabbat be Used?

Video 2 - Summary - Exchanging Services on Shabbat

Video 3 - Offsetting a Bill by Working on Shabbat

Video 4 - הבלעה Subsuming Shabbat earnings

Video 5 - Subsuming Shabbat Earnings in the preparations

Video 6 - How to include the Shabbat Wages in the Monthly Paycheck

Video 7 - Earning Money For Doing a Mitzva on Shabbat


Unit 36

Video 1 - Shabbat Appropriate Reading Material

Video 2 - Is Perusing Restricted on Shabbat

Video 3 - Three Reasons Why reading is Restricted on Shabbat

Video 4 - Reading Correspondance on Shabbat


Unit 37

Video 1 - A history of Muktze

Video 2 - Why was Muktze invented?


Unit 38

Video 1 - Most Basic Muktze natural items that are not prepared for human use

Video 2 - Various options for removing Muktze status

Video 3 - Removing Muktze status Rishonim

Video 4 - De Muktzefying by planning to use something on Shabbat

Video 5 - Long and short term plans to use Mukte on Shabbat


Unit 39

Video 2 - Recap Muktze of broken pins and carpet lint

Video 3 - Muktze of Broken Items - Resolving the Needles and Carpets Sugiot

Video 4 - Muktze of Useful Broken Tools and Vessels


Unit 40

Video 1 - Do Items that Fall Apart on Shabbat Become Muktze?

Video 2 - A Broken Item cannot Be Used On Shabbat If You Might Get Tempted to Fix it

Video 3 - Carrying Broken Glasses on Shabbat


Unit 41

Video 1 - Is Fruit That is Going Through a Dehydration Process Muktze

Video 2 - Is Food that can be Consumed by Animals but not Humans Muktze

Video 3 - Is Food that can be Eaten Raw Muktze


Unit 42

Shiur Number 42 - The Laws of Muktze

Video 1 - Are Toys Muktze


Shiur Number 44 - Muktze Me'Chamat Chesron Kis


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