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Chazan Shaye Pinsky                        Mrs. Minerva Pinsky
1910 – 1996                                         1915 – 2007

After emigrating from Poland as a teenager with his family, Shaye arrived in New York in 1928. Nine years later, he met and married Minerva Rappaport, a native of Philadelphia, Pa.
As newlyweds, they lived in New York City where Shaye served with distinction as chazzan in several batei knesset. In addition, he was a leader of the Jewish Ministers Cantor’s Association of the US and Canada and of Hapoel Hamizrachi. During that time, Minerva was busy raising their five children while devoting herself to the Hapoel Hamizrachi Women’s Organization, the forerunner of Emunah Women. Together they built their home on a strong foundation of chessed, mitzvoth, torah values and a deep love for the land of Israel.
Ardent Zionists, they realized their lifelong dream by making aliyah in 1979 where they joined three of their children. They felt particularly blessed to have the z’chut to live in Yerushalayim where they continued their numerous acts of chessed. At a time when most of their contemporaries retired, Shaye continued as a chazzan in various batei knesset and at concerts while Minerva maintained an active role in Emunah Women, chairing and participating in their fund-raising functions.
They were grateful to Hashem for  granting them many years together in good health in their beloved Medinat Yisrael. Their greatest legacy is their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren whose lives are guided by Torah and yirat shamayim.
This website, dedicated to the transmission of our Torah, is a most fitting memorial to them.

May Their Memories Be Blessed


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