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Form 1268/Gimel
State of Israel
Commissionership of Income and Property Tax
POB 1170 Jerusalem 91 010

Date: November 8, 1987
Previous Number: 55012078
Number: 87112700
Eretz Hemdah
39 Chaim Vital Street
Jerusalem 95470

Re.: Authorization of a public institution regarding contributions
Eretz Hemdah – Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

I hereby inform you that the Minister of Finance, with the approval of the Knesset Finance Committee, has authorized the institution regarding contributions in accordance with clause 46 of the income tax directive (the new clause as revised in 1984, revision number 65).
In accordance with this, contributions to the institution will be recognized to the donor according to what is stated in this clause.
This authorization is subject to the following conditions:
1. The institution must inform me and receive my agreement for any change in its objectives and/or regulations.
2. The institution must present me each and every year a financial report that includes a balance sheet and a calculation of income and expenditures which are audited and approved by a certified public accountant, and an annual inventory of all securities registered in its name and/or in its ownership (including type of security, its serial number, interest and/or dividend rate).
3. This authorization is valid in tax year 1987 until its cancellation.

For your information:
a. This authorization constitutes recognition for income tax purposes only regarding contributions.
b. Only the above stated institution is allowed to use this authorization and issue a receipt that bears its name.
c. One should indicate the authorization number in the receipt.

Yosef Kapach,
In the name of the Income Tax Commissioner
Clause 46 of the Income Tax directive
“46. (a) One who has contributed in a particular tax year an amount that costs 10,000 shekels * to a national fund or a public institution, as implied in clause 9 (2) as determined by the Finance Minister with the approval of the Knesset Finance Committee, 35 percent from the amount of the contribution will be exempt from tax in which it was obligated that same year, on condition that an exemption will not be given in a particular tax year for a total amount of contributions of 25 percent of income that obligates the tax-payer for the same year or 10,000,000 shekels *, whatever is the lesser amount between them.
(b) The amounts in sub clause (a) will be adjusted each tax year, in accordance with the consumer price index rate published in the month of August prior to the tax year and up to the consumer price index published in the month of August of the [present] tax year; an amount that increased as stated will be rounded to the closest amount to the nearest 100 shekels *; The commissioner will publish an announcement in the records regarding the amounts that were increased and rounded as stated….”
* old shekels
One should track each year the amounts that were subsequently increased.


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