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Removing Dirt from a Sefer Torah on Shabbat

During laining on Shabbat, I noticed dirt of some sort that distorted a letter of the sefer Torah. I pushed it with my tallit, and it readily came off. Did I violate Shabbat?

Correcting a Baal Korei

What are the rules about correcting a baal korei?

Meein Sheva at a Rotating Venue

The fledgling community of which I am rabbi does not have access for Kabbalat Shabbat to the place we daven on Shabbat morning, so we have a rotation of houses for it. Should we say Meein Sheva (the beracha with Magen avot in its midst) at Maariv?

Mechirat Chametz and Tevillat Keilim

I never do tevillat keilim after Pesach on keilim I sell. Can that be justified?

Melacha Done on Yom Tov Sheni in Chutz Laaretz

We (Israelis) will be spending Pesach at my parents home in chutz laaretz. They keep the basics of the chag, especially when we are there, but do not observe Yom Tov Sheini (=YTS). May we benefit from forbidden melacha (ed. note e.g., turning on a flame or electricity for cooking; turning on lights) they will do on YTS? (They are respectful of our shemirat mitzvot, but we do not want to make unnecessary issues.)

Nefilat Apayim without a Sefer Torah

What are the rules of when one does and does not do nefilat apayim (putting ones head down and partially covering it) during Tachanun?

Learning during Kaddish

I give a shiur to a few people before Shacharit and aim to finish when davening begins, with Rabbi Yishmael/Kaddish DRabbanan. Sometimes we are not quite finished then, in which case, we try to answer Kaddishs main recitations, although we sometimes get caught up and fail to respond. Someone complained that continuing to learn during Kaddish is assur and a disgrace to Kaddish and the people listening to it. I dont see it that way but said I would ask.

Do All Who Ask Really Get Matanot Laevyonim?

What is the operative result of the concept of kol haposhet yad notnim lo (= kpynl whoever extends his hand to receive is given)?

Purchasing Tax Liens

May a Jew purchase a tax lien when the tax delinquent is Jewish, or is that taking ribbit? Background: In about half of US states, tax authorities auction off tax liens (unpaid taxes create liens on taxpayers property) to the public. After purchasing the tax lien (approximately for the amount due to the government), the buyer is entitled to ever-increasing charges. If, after a set time, the debt is unpaid (most redeem their property before then), the buyer can foreclosure on the property and fully acquire it. As I understand from some research, the system works somewhat differently in different states/localities.

Making Up a Tefilla Missed to Help the Sick

I spent all afternoon in the emergency room with my mother and did not daven Mincha. Can/should I daven a second Maariv as tashlumin (makeup prayer)?
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