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Elevator Operated by Non-Jews on Shabbat

I have an idea to enable Jews to have non-Jews operate an elevator for them in a permitted way. In a big building, maintenance workers do work on different floors throughout the day. If we get the management company to tell the workers to schedule work that has to be done on floors where shomrei Shabbat live at the time of day when they return from shul, it should be permitted. Is this correct?

Carrying a Child When There is no Eruv

Is it permitted to pick up a child in a place that does not have an eiruv? A friend told me that as long as the child can walk himself, one may pick him up.

Using Toddlers as a "Shabbat Goy"

Sometimes I see people encouraging their toddlers to do things on Shabbat that would be chillul Shabbat for an adult because a need arose. Is this permitted?

Ice Cubes on Shabbat

Is one allowed to make ice cubes on Shabbat?

Professional BaseBall on Shabbat

[As we begin the important season of Torah reading, we share the following question with those ending an enjoyable but not so important season of the great American pastime, examining it from a halachic perspective. This also allows the responding rabbi to use information gathered during many hours of his youth.] As a sports fan, I was wondering whether Shawn Green, or any other Jewish baseball player, can play a game without violating Shabbat

Using a Spoon with Holes on Shabbat

Is it permitted, while serving on Shabbat, to transfer vegetables or kenaidelach from the soup to the bowls with the use of a special spoon that has holes in it?

Eruv Requirements on Shabbat

I want to walk to my synagogue, which is 4 kilometers away (within city limits) on Shabbat, but I learned that one may not walk beyond 2,000 amot [almost a kilometer, assuming an amma is 48 centimeters/19 inches]. Do I need an eiruv or multiple eiruvin, and how do I make it?

Moving Potted Plants on Shabbat

May I move a potted plant on Shabbat, or is it muktzeh?

Selling at Crafts Fair on Shabbat

I make crafts and would like to sell them at an upcoming fair. However, the fair will take place on Shabbat and Sunday. A non-Jew is willing to sell them both days on consignment for a percentage of the sales. May she do this for me on Shabbat?

Car Seat As Muktzeh

My family wants to take a cab to the kotel and walk back. We have a stroller for our baby, and we need a car seat for our son. Is the car seat muktzeh (it has no other use)? If so, can I fold it up and put it on the stroller before Shabbat and thereby bring it home?

Calling OverSeas when it is Shabbat

I live in Israel but have a business in America. I speak with some of my managers after work hours. May I call non-Jewish workers on Saturday night, which is still Shabbat in America?

Making Early Shabbat

It is important for my small children that we make early Shabbos (daven Maariv an hour or so before sunset). I feel funny doing so, because it compromises the correct time of davening, which I am careful about. What should I do? Is it better to accept Shabbat early, make Kiddush, eat, and catch Maariv with the late minyan?

Teeth Whitening on Shabbat

Is it permitted to put on strips that whiten the teeth on Shabbat?

Vending Machines and Shabbat

I want to buy vending machines, which will be used by non-Jews. May they operate on Shabbat? Is there a problem of receiving schar Shabbat (earnings from Shabbat)?

Birdfeeder on Shabbat

Can one use a birdfeeder on Shabbat?

Wooden Train Tracks on Shabbat

My son has a wooden train-track set [the questioner included a link to the products site]. Is it forbidden for me to help him put it together on Shabbat?

Eating After Kiddush on Shabbat

When taking part in a kiddush after davening on Shabbat morning, what are the requirements of how much of what food(s) I have to eat?

Door Knocker on Shabbat

Can one use a door-knocker, not an electric or musical door bell, on Shabbat? If it is forbidden, what is the nature of the prohibition?

Shabbat Goy

If one may use a Shabbos elevator which is running without pushing any buttons to open or close etc., why is this different if a Shabbos Goy holds the door open in a car to enter, and holds it open to depart while driving someone to and from shul? It seems that in both cases the person causing a spark is not performing any halachically prohibited work.

Kiddush on Shabbat

I thought that one must make Kiddush on Shabbat morning by chatzot (astronomical midday). However, I cannot find a source for such a halacha. Does one exist?

Organizing Silverware on Shabbat

After washing silverware on Friday night, I need to arrange each type in its proper place. How do I do that without violating the prohibition of borer (selecting)?

Tea on Shabbat

What is the proper way to make tea on Shabbat?

Hearing Aids on Shabbat

Is it permitted to use a hearing aid on Shabbat or do the electrical workings make it forbidden or problematic?


What is the meaning of challah and why do we say hamotzi with two loafs on Shabbat?

Gravy on Shabbat

I just wanted to know how I can heat up gravy on shabbos day and how I avoid the problem of turning cold solid gravy from the refrigerator into liquid. I am not talking about juices from the chicken or meat, but rather the gravy made to enhance the meats taste.

Transfering and Insulating Food on Shabbat

Is it permitted on Shabbat to take hot food in a pan from an oven and transfer it to an insulated or thermal container to keep it warm?

Showering on Shabbat

I was wondering if it is ok to shower using hot water on shabbos. I have heard conflicting answers to this question.

Lactose Pills on Shabbat

In order to digest milk properly, I need to take lactose pills. Is it permitted to take such pills on Shabbat, in light of the prohibition on refuah (medical treatment)?

Swimming on Shabbat

Is it halachically OK to swim on Shabbat? If so, is an eiruv required? Can one use a towel to dry off?

Warming up dry foods and liquids on Shabbat

Dry food (chicken, kugel, rice, etc) in a container may be placed directly on a blech on Shabbat. Foods that are liquidy (spaghetti with sauce, etc) may not be placed directly on the blech but can be placed on the cover of something like a soup pot that is already on the blech.Is this correct?

Saving an Animal on Shabbat

Is it permissible to violate the Sabbath to save an animal's life? (The case involves an animal that will be released from an animal hospital on Saturday, and the animal hospital doesnt release animals on Sunday.)

Insulating Food on Shabbat

After baking a challah for Shabbat, I like to wrap it in aluminum foil so it stays warm. Is that okay? Could I leave it in an oven which is turned off but still warm, where the process would be even more effective?

Transfering Ownership on Shabbat

I thought it was forbidden to transfer ownership between people on Shabbat. Yet, people regularly bring over food when invited to friends' houses. Is that permitted?

Squeezing Lemons on Shabbat

If extracting juice from fruit is considered threshing, does this mean that squeezing a lemon for its juice in tea or on fish is prohibited on Shabbat?

Hiring Non-Jews on Shabbat

Whats the rule on having someone work for you on Shabbat? We have someone come in to help us out only on Shabbat, and we lay money on the side for her to take when she is done. We want to hire someone to come just to serve a Shabbat or Yom Tov meal. Is this permitted?

Women Drinking Before Shabbat Morning Kiddush

May a woman drink water, tea or coffee before kiddush on Shabbat morning?

Killing Mosquitoes on Shabbat

Is it permitted to kill mosquitoes on Shabbat? In my area, there are a lot of mosquitoes, and they cause my family much grief and perhaps even danger.

Transition of Shabbat into Tisha B'av

Could you please explain how to handle the transition from Shabbat into Tisha BAv (which falls on Motzei Shabbat) regarding seuda shlishit, havdalah and changing clothes?

Buying Tickets for a Sporting Event on Shabbat

I want to attend a sporting event. Ticket sales begin on Shabbat and are expected to be finished by days end. May I ask a non-Jew to buy tickets for himself, hinting that I will buy them from him after Shabbat for a higher price?

Hot Plate on a Shabbat Clock

May I operate a Shabbat hot plate with a Shabbat clock, so that it is off at night and goes on in the morning to heat the food? In general, how may I use it to heat up food?

Dishes and Food at the End of a Shabbat Meal

How does one deal with dishes and food that remain at the end of a Shabbat meal when they will not be needed on Shabbat, avoiding problems of hachana (preparations for after Shabbat)?

Kiddush on White Wine

May one make Shabbat evening Kiddush on white wine?

Woman Close to her Due Date

Should a woman who is close to her birth due date find a place for Shabbat to prevent the need to travel to the hospital?

Transfering Food Between Blechs on Shabbat

Last Friday night, my electricity blew. To save my chulent, which was on an electric hot plate, I brought it to a neighbor and put it on her blech. Was that okay?

Eiruv on an Island

I will be on the island of Maui (Hawaii) on Shabbat. Do I need an eiruv in order to carry? (Maui is an island, with a population of over 100,000, that is not connected by bridge to any other land).

Rock Collection on Shabbat

I have a very extensive rock collection. Is it muktzeh on Shabbat?

Lights Adjusted by a Toddler on Shabbat

My three-year-old son mischievously turned off and back on the dining room lights on Shabbat. Were we allowed to continue eating in the room?

Status of Milk Milked on Shabbat

Does milk that was milked on Shabbat (in Israel) without employing any halachic solutions become not kosher because of the violation?

Sail Boat Racing on Shabbat

I have an Orthodox friend who has recently taken up the sport of sail boat racing. Her league competes regularly, and they have done so on Shabbat. Wouldn't participating in a sail boat race violate Shabbat observation rules?

Disposing of Kedushat Shvi'it on Shabbat

When I clear plates on Shabbat of leftover food and some of the food has kedushat shviit (food with sanctity of Shemitta and thus may not be disgraced), is it borer (selecting) to separate out that which needs to go into the pach (receptacle of) Shemitta?

Scratching Dry Skin on Shabbat (from Parashat Vayigash 5768)

I often have itchy dry skin. Is it permitted on Shabbat to relieve the itch by scratching if, based on experience, I know that some flakes will fall off?

Permissibility of Uncooked Food Taken off Fire on Shabbat

On Friday night, I took the chulent off the fire, took some out while holding it, and returned it to the fire. While tasting the sampling, I found that it was not fully cooked (but was edible). How bad was what I did, and was it permitted to eat the chulent the next morning?

Animals/Pet Care on Shabbat (484)

What is the most permissive ruling(s) regarding care of ones pets on shabbat e.g. dogs who need to be fed,walked on a leash i. e. no large enough yard area with and w/o an eruv.also ...what about feeding cats who live in your yard outdoors and rely on you for food. i also had been told that you cannot touch a dog that is not yours on shabbat. for another time what are parameters of tzar baalei chaim vis a vis shabbat and non shabbat issues. as you can tell i am an animal lover..somewhat

Fulfilling Tosefet Shabbat

Can one fulfill the mitzva of tosefet Shabbat (extending Shabbat) by deciding a few minutes before that she is accepting Shabbat?

Using a Brita water pitcher with an electric sensor, on Shabbat

This is regarding the BRITA FF-100 WATER FILTER. This filter has a battery operated sensor to detect when its time to change the filter cartridge. Can it be used on Shabbat?

Visiting an Israeli website after Shabbat started in Israel

Can I go to Israeli websites on Friday when it is already Shabbos in Israel?

Tehillim and bakashot on Shabbat

I'm saying tehillim for a sick person and proceed it with a special prayer - "Ribono shel olam, etc". When I say tehillim on Shabbos, am I allowed to include this prayer, or is it a "bakasha that is forbidden on Shabbos?

Squeezing water from hair on Shabbat

I have a question about mefarak on Shabbat: One is allowed to squeeze a pickle to rid it of unwanted juice but one is not allowed to squeeze wet hair into a sink, why? The brine in pickles is a liquid first then is absorbed in the pickle. Water is a liquid first then trapped in hair -- hair does not absorb. Pickle juice may be squeezed out on to a plate and even used! if the initial intention was only to have a drier pickle. Hair may not be squeezed down a drain where the water is not nikar and is discarded! There is no issur of mefarak when a solid is squeezed and the juice is not meant to be drunk; one may squeeze fruit for medicine or lemon juice for a dip (Rema 320). One certainly has no intention of drinking the water squeezed from wet hair!

Making Kiddush for Others Before Accepting Shabbat

A friend of mine goes to a local hospital that has Jewish patients who are not able to make Kiddush and does it on their behalf. When Shabbat begins late and people eat before Shabbat, he makes Kiddush before accepting Shabbat and returns home. May he make Kiddush for others before he himself accepts Shabbat?

Muktzeh When a Phone Is Used as a Precaution

I am an older man who recently underwent a series of health crises, including a heart attack. I usually take a cell phone with me outside the home in case I need to call for help. On Shabbat, I feel uneasy going out alone without a phone, as in my buildings stairwell or late at night people may not be around. May I carry the cell phone in my pocket (we have an eiruv), or is it a problem of muktzeh? (My nervousness is not enough to be unhealthy itself, and I will not refrain from going out if your answer is no.)

Workers in the House When Shabbat Has Been Accepted Early

If I start Shabbat early, can my contractor (all workers are non-Jewish), who is building an extension to my house, work until regular Shabbat begins in town.

How Much Does One Need to Eat From the Lechem Mishneh?

Does one have to eat a kzayit (size of an olive; assumed to be 1 fl. oz.) from the lechem mishneh (two loaves of bread for Shabbat)? What happens if the lechem mishneh is too small for everyone to get a sizable piece or if someone prefers another challa?

Is it permitted to take things on Shabbat and write down the purchase after Shabbat?

In my yeshiva, someone sells baked goods in the following manner. The proprietor leaves the products in a box accompanied by a price list and a sign-up sheet. Students are trusted to take, write down their names and a tally of their purchases, and pay periodically. Is it permitted to take things on Shabbat and write down the purchase after Shabbat?

Preferable means of communication for a doctor on call, on Shabbat

Is it preferable for a doctor on-call to wear a beeper to which the answering service text messages emergencies or to carry a cell phone that the service can call directly? Similarly is calling from a cell phone better, worse, or no difference from a land-line phone?

Muktzeh on Raw Food That Was Expected to be Cooked

I put uncooked food on a non-adjustable hotplate (to avoid the concern that I would stoke the coals) before Shabbat, expecting that it would become ready over Shabbat. I discovered after Shabbat began that the hotplate was not properly plugged in. Was the food muktzeh as it would seem, or should we say the following? Since I had every reason to believe that the food would be edible, Shabbat began with the food being on my mind, not removed from it, as the word muktzeh implies. When I found out about the mishap, Shabbat had begun, and I remember learning that there is no muktzeh for part of Shabbat. Is that correct?

Use of a Coffee Maker on a Timer on Shabbat

May one set an automatic coffee maker on a timer so that it brews the coffee on Shabbat morning? (Obviously, the ingredients would be put in and the settings adjusted before Shabbat, and no electrical switches need to be pressed to remove the coffee.)

A Group Eiruv Techumin

A few friends of mine take turns going to a local rural community outside the techum Shabbat to lain on Shabbat. We have a place to put an eiruv techumin which will enable us to get there, but we dont want to have to do so every week. Also, what do we do about the fact that the eiruv is going to be needed by a different person each week?

Eating at someone's house whose business stays open on Shabbat

May I eat on Shabbat in the house of someone whose business (in Europe) stays open on Shabbat?

muktzeh machamat chisaron kis

I saw a situation on Shabbat in which, unexpectedly, a digital camera fell out of the carriage my friend was pushing, onto the sidewalk. The question arose whether she was allowed to move it or whether she had to leave it, with the likelihood it would being taken. If it is muktzeh machamat chisaron kis (= mmchk) an object that is so precious that its owner will use it only for its main purpose, one which is forbidden on Shabbat, then I assume there is no way to move it. However, if it is cheap enough that the owner would use it for other things, then as a kli shemelachto lissur (= klshmli- a utensil whose main use is for forbidden activity), would it be permitted to make up a use for the camera at home (e.g., as a paperweight) that would enable it to be moved?

Earliest time for a man to light Shabbos candles

What is the earliest time for a man living alone to light Shabbos candles, then leave the house and return after davening ma'ariv?

Reheating Cooked Liquids Right Before Shabbat

I want to put cold but cooked soup on a hot plate right before Shabbat. I have heard that putting things up at that time is particularly stringent. Considering that it is forbidden to reheat cooked liquids on Shabbat, is it also forbidden right before Shabbat?

Removing a detached hair from scalp on Shabbat

What can I do when I take off my head covering on Shabbat and find hairs that are detached from my scalp and are lying on the rest of my hair? May I remove them by hand or in another manner?

Leaning on the bima during the aliya

I often see people getting aliyot who lean on the bima during their aliya. Isnt that a problem? Shouldnt I tell them to stop?

Using a Dishwasher on a Timer on Shabbat

May I set up a dishwasher on a timer, so that I will load it on Friday night with the nights dishes and it will go on overnight? Can I do the same thing in the afternoon so that by the time Shabbat is over, the afternoons dishes will have been done?

Using mother's millk for infant with conjunctivitis on shabbat

My infant has conjunctivitis. A pediatrician I saw in shul on Shabbat morning suggested expressing mothers milk directly into the eye over standard eye drops (although he was totally fine with either system or beginning treatment at night). Is that permitted on Shabbat? [Ed. note- this was answered orally on Shabbat and transcribed afterward.]

Using a French Press on Shabbat

Is it permissible to use a French Press for making hot coffee on Shabbos?

Removing cosmetics on Shabbat

Are you allowed to remove cosmetics on Shabbos?

Is one allowed on Shabbat to put a utensil (kli) in a place where it will catch something that is muktzeh?

Is one allowed on Shabbat to put a utensil (kli) in a place where it will catch something that is muktzeh? Examples that come to mind are putting a plate under a candle to catch falling wax or catching or gathering dirty water that dripped or seeped into a room on Shabbat. What can be done with these things once they have found their way into/onto the kli?

Opening and Closing the door of a closet after putting a poison in it to kill moths

We have had problems in the past with moths in a certain closet, and so we have put a material that kills moths and their larvae by fumes that are trapped and accumulate inside. If we open the door, may we close it again on Shabbat, or is that considered killing the moths?

Using a Non-Jew to Shut Lights on Shabbat so a Jew Will Not

Often on Shabbat-long programs for non-shomer Shabbat students, the resort does not have timers for the lights, and participants who turned on lights before Shabbat will certainly shut them before going to sleep. Participants are exposed to the concept of keeping Shabbat, and some decided to try to keep Shabbat while they are with us. Many of them believe that if they switch the lights off once, there is no point in keeping the rest of Shabbat. Are there are sources to allow us to either ask or hint to a non-Jew to turn off their bedroom lights to allow these Jewish kids a better chance at observing Shabbat?

Sensors on Shabbat

We are increasingly being exposed to movement sensors, related to security systems, internal and external light systems and the like. Is it permitted to pass by such sensors on Shabbat when one knows that his motion will be detected?

An adult doing a puzzle with a child, on Shabbat

The hilchot Shabbat reference I am using states that children are allowed to do puzzles on Shabbat, but that those over bar or bat mitzvah are encouraged to find more fulfilling activities on Shabbat. If my children ask me to do a puzzle with them on Shabbat, is it preferable for my own sake that I don't? How does borer apply when working on a puzzle, when one sorts the pieces into all the edges, or all of one section of the picture (trees, sky, etc.)? What if a puzzle can take several days, so the sorting isn't necessarily immediate to use - if "use" means putting a piece in its place.

Carrying Bear Spray on Shabbos

I live in a neighborhood where there is no minyan. Every Shabbos I would walk about a mile to a shul in a very heavily wooded area where there are known to be bears. I wonder if there is any way I should be allowed to carry a bear spray with me.

Use of a goy shel Shabbat

We have a local goy shel Shabbat (Shabbos goy). I do not know how and when I am supposed to use him for things other than emergencies. Is it sufficient just to hint to him, and then he can do whatever I want?

Connection between the Mishkan and Shabbat

What connection does Shabbat have with the building of the Mishkan that causes us to base all of the malachot of Shabbat on the activities done in the building of the Mishkan?

Calling the police for a thief caught on Shabbat

A thief was found in our apartment building Shabbos afternoon. Was it permissible to call the police? It turned out that he later threatened with a knife and appeared to be taking drugs.

When to recite havdallah when Purim is on Motzei Shabbat

What is the protocol for saying Havdallah, as it's now saturday night and Purim begins just after ma'ariv. I recall there's something to be said about waiting to say havdallah until after Megillah reading is complete and after the remainder of Ma'ariv is complete -- but I wasn't quite sure of the source and protocol. What's the reason for waiting until after Megillah, and is this the preferred protocol?

Eating edamame from the pods, on Shabbat

Can one eat edamame from the pods on shabbat?

Using a Whipped Cream Dispenser on Shabbat

May one spray whipped cream from a canister on Shabbat?

Changing the International Date Line

On December 29, 2011, Samoa will be moving its time zone to the other side of the International Date Line, thus losing a day. How would this theoretically affect Jews living on this island as to respect to Shabbat.

Non-Jewish Worker Servicing Clients on Shabbat

I have a business in which my workers and I go to clients homes to provide a service. Sometimes a client wants the visit on Shabbat or Yom Tov. May I assign a non-Jewish employee to go? In general, our workers receive a set salary plus a commission per time they meet a client.

Use of Kinetic Watches on Shabbat

Is it permitted to wear a kinetic watch on Shabbat, which is powered by the periodic natural movement of the hand rather than by a battery or winding by hand?

One Who Lit Shabbat Candles Properly but Failed to Use Them

A yeshiva student ate with us on Friday night. He lights candles with a beracha in his room and usually spends a few minutes benefiting from them before the meal. When he realized that he forgot to do so, he took leave for several minutes because he did not think his candles would last until the end of the meal. Was this necessary?

Flying a Kite on Shabbat

Is it permitted to fly a kite on Shabbat?

Having coffee after davening on Shabbat morning, but before kiddush

It's written in Shmiras Shabbos LeHilchosoh, Perek 52, Seif 11 that it is Asur 'haTeimah' lifney Kiddush baBoker, haMaschil miYad Acharey Shacharis. Also it's written (Perek 52, Seyf 9) that Shabbos baBoker lifney Tefilah mutar Lishtos ... Kedey sheTisiashev Daasam. After davening on Shabbos morning, I am part of a group that learns together, and some of the learners drink coffee then, in order to help their concentration. Is that allowed?

Salt to Absorb Spilled Wine on Shabbat

I have heard that if one spills red wine on a tablecloth, it is good to put salt on it to absorb the wine. Is that permitted on Shabbat, since the salt is only absorbing, not cleaning?

Minimum size for Shabbat challah

Is there a minimum size/weight for the two loaves on Shabbos?

Placing Delayed Stock Orders from Israel on Friday

I live in Israel and trade on the NY Stock Exchange. One type of trade is a limit trade order. One sets a target price for a stock. When it reaches the target price, the trade (buy or sell) takes place. May I place such an order on Friday, as most of the market day in NY is during Shabbat in Israel?

Mashing and mixing avocado salad on Shabbat

Is it permitted to make guacamole (mashed avocado, mixed with onions, oil, lemon juice, etc.) on Shabbat?

Using hair rollers on Shabbat

Is one permitted to put hair rollers (velcro, dry, no spray or product) into a wig or their own hair on Shabbos?

Use of a Crock Pot on Shabbat

I have questions about crock pot use on Shabbat. I have heard of people covering the heating element with foil, placing something to prop up the pot, or covering or removing the knob. What is correct? May I add hot water on Shabbat if the chulent is drying out?

Scrabble and puzzles on Shabbat

What is the position of playing "Scrabble" on Shabbat? I already have a pin scoring system, so no writing occurs, but I was interested if the board made a difference. I have been told that a "regular" (plain) board is acceptable, but the "deluxe" board, where the tiles fit into pre-made slots is not. Please elucidate. Also, what is the position about attempting and/or completing jigsaw puzzles on Shabbat (those without words or writing in the picture)?

Whether one may rely upon Rabbeinu Tam on Erev Shabbat in a time of need

If I am driving in the car on Friday afternoon and there is a big back-up and I will not reach my destination by sunset, is it permitted to continue driving for a little while after sunset, following Rabbeinu Tam's and the Shulchan Aruch's position that Shabbat begins after sunset?

Using a chafing dish on Shabbat

Can a chafing dish be used on Shabbat if a non-Jew lights the sterno?

Use of Ladles on Shabbat

There are opinions that a ladle that was put into a pot of soup becomes a kli rishon. Is this true only for a metal ladle? What if the ladle is put into the soup only after it was taken off the heat source? At what point does the pot or ladle stop being a kli rishon? May one put the ladle back into the soup without wiping it off?

When a wife should light candles when the husband accepts early Shabbat

If the husband goes to an early minyan on Friday (prior to candle light. time), at what time should the wife light candles?

brushing a wig on Shabbat

Is there a problem with brushing a wig on Shabbat or Yom Tov?

Using an electronic learning thermostat on Shabbat

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/ref=pe_164970_24548400_pe_ecg/?ASIN=B006ML9J4O Is the above halachicly permissible? It's a new type of thermostat and looks like it may have a motion detector. Would there be an issue on Shabbos?

A Tree as Part of an Eiruv

Can I extend a wire from trees in my property to slats attached to my house to form an eiruv?

Use of a Rickshaw on Shabbat

I will be in India and want to know if a non-Jew can get me around on Shabbat by rickshaw (a carriage drawn by a person on a bicycle or by foot) if I pay him before Shabbat?

Covering for Food on the Hotplate

I recently saw a product that I would call a platta blanket (a thick covering designed to go over the pot(s) that sit on the platta or blech). How can these be used on Shabbat without problems of hatmana (insulation)?

Giving an Envelope on Shabbat to Use for Donations

It is the practice in some shuls to give a self-addressed envelope to one who gets an aliya to mail his pledge after Shabbat. Is the envelope muktzeh?

Finding Money in Ones Pocket on Shabbat

Last Shabbat I wore a suit that I had not worn in a while. On Shabbat morning I happened to check an inside pocket and found a $20 bill inside. Upon making that discovery, what should I have done?

Heating Up Microwaved Rice on Shabbat

I cook rice in the microwave. On Shabbat, I want to heat it up on the hotplate. Besides the regular questions of reheating, is there a problem because the first cooking was irregular?

Moving a lamp on Shabbat

Can one move a lamp on shabbat? Or is it muktza? I was wondering if I can leave a standing lamp (attached to a Shabbos clock) by my table on Friday night, and after dinner move it a yard or two so that it stands near the sofa to enable me to read? And then, if desired, move it back to its original place?

Wearing a Reflective Armband on Shabbat Without an Eiruv

May one wear a reflective armband on Shabbat where there is no eiruv so cars will be better able to see him at night?

Using a Hand Masher for Cooked Vegetables

Is it permissible to use a hand vegetable masher on Shabbat? Last Shabbat, I used one to mash potatoes that were well-boiled and very soft. The question arose whether this is permitted, so we did not use the potatoes on Shabbat. Were we allowed to eat the potatoes after Shabbos?

Removing a Licked Candy from Amongst Clean Ones on Shabbat

I was at a friends home, and he brought out a platter of candies, all of the same type. My little daughter grabbed for a candy and put it in her mouth. I chided her for her behavior, so she put the (licked) candy back in the platter. I was very embarrassed and took the candy out from the platter. My friend claimed that in the process, I had violated the prohibition of borer (selecting). Was he correct?

Using an inhaler on Shabbat

Can asthmatic people use their inhalers on Shabbos for minor asthmatic issues?

Pumping Air from a Wine Bottle on Shabbat

Those of us who appreciate fine wine take steps to protect leftover wine from Shabbat to Shabbat. I use a special pump and bottle top to remove the air that causes oxidation. I can pump after Shabbat (nothing happens for around a week), but I prefer to take care of it immediately so as not to forget. Is it permitted to pump on Shabbat, or is it hachana (forbidden preparation from Shabbat to weekday)?

Pay for Overtime on Shabbat

I work for a Jewish institution doing important work with Jewish groups from a range of religious and political affiliations. There are periodic Shabbatons (of sorts), which provide positive religious exposure for many participants who need it, although that is not the organizers main interest. My boss told me I can report and receive pay for overtime hours over Shabbat. Is it permitted to do so? A negative ruling may encourage them to mold the pay arrangement to obviate the problem.

A Glance at the Man Who Revolutionized the World of Halacha

A few days ago, the Torah world lost a true talmid chacham, Rav Yehoshua Yeshaya Neuwirth (pronounced, Noyvirt), ztl, who died at the age of 85. We have not in the past used this column to eulogize but felt that this case was different not because of various connections with Rav Neuwirth or even the fact that we have quoted him in this column hundreds of times. The main reason we are writing about Rav Neuwirth and his sefer, Shemirat Shabbat Khilchata, is that it has served as the model of a new genre of halachic works, followed by hundreds of seforim (including, to a great degree, our series, Bemareh Habazak.

Returning A Stew With Bones to the Fire on the Night of Shabbat

I have intended to follow the rules in Shemirat Shabbat Khilchata (1:18) for returning a pot to the flame. However, I noticed that he writes that the requirement that the all the food is fully cooked applies even to the bones. I cook stew on a low flame for hours before Shabbat, have some at night, and return the rest for the day meal. I think that the bones that I eat are cooked by the night but that there are other bones that become fully cooked only overnight. Must I stop returning the pot under these conditions?

Opening and Closing a Garden Parasol on Shabbat

We were told that our new garden parasol, which is opened by levers from a heavy, barely movable pole, can get ruined if left open in the wind. May we open and close it on Shabbat?

Keep the Beat?

I am a member of YUs a cappella group, The Maccabeats. We recently made a clip of the zemer Dror Yikra, in which we use Kiddush cups, hands, and table as a means to create a beat. Someone suggested we are encouraging a forbidden action on Shabbat: using an instrument to produce music. Is it forbidden on Shabbat, and are we responsible for a viewers possible halachic mistake?

Returning Food to an Oven on Shabbat

My electric stove has a Shabbat mode, which enables us to cancel the automatic shut off (needed for 2 days of Yom Tov) and keeps the exact heat you set without fluctuation when the door is opened. On Shabbat, can fully cooked dry food be placed in the oven to be warmed

Wearing a necktie on Shabbat when there is no eruv

What is the halachic status of neckties on shabbat? I have heard that because they are not true garments, they cannot be worn in an area without an eruv. What is the source, if any, for this, and is it permissible?

Folding Over a Page in a Book

Is it permitted to fold the page of a book on Shabbat so that I will be able to find the page I left off on?

Mining digital currencies on Shabbat

Cryptocurrencies are a new form of digital currency. People can acquire these "coins" by "mining". Mining is the term given to the process of producing virtual currencies like bitcoin and litecoin, where computers solve mathematical equations and are rewarded with coins for their efforts. In order to mine these currencies one configures their computer and lets it run a program. There is nothing else that is required. If a person mines throughout the week, would it be permissible for them to continue throughout Shabbos as well?

Coin Collection on Shabbat

Is it permitted to handle my modest home-based coin collection on Shabbat?

Sunbathing on Shabbat

Is it permitted to sunbathe on Shabbat? Does it depend on the purpose of the sunbathing: health benefits, tanning, enjoyment?

Doing Work After Shabbat for Someone for Whom it Is Shabbat

My friend called me on Friday and asked me to do an internet check-in for him on my Motzaei Shabbat in Israel (his Shabbat afternoon) for him before his Saturday night flight in the US. Is it permitted for me to do so?

Relighting Shabbat Candles that Went Out

Soon after my wife lit Shabbat candles and made a beracha, they went out for no obvious reason. Did she fulfill the mitzva? Should she have relit them (with or without a beracha)?

Massaging and applying heat to cramping legs on Shabbat

A family member had severe leg cramps last Shabbat. Normal treatment is kneading (massaging) and stretching the muscle(s) involved. Cramping is not life threatening but the initial pain (acute stage) can be almost unbearable. When the cramp subsides, one is often left with a sore leg making walking difficult. Additional massage and heat applications are very helpful to speed up the recovery and reduce the level of pain. What is one allowed to do on Shabbat during the acute stage of the cramp and what is one allowed to do after the attack subsides but pain still remains?

Diapers With Disappearing Ink

Is it permitted to use on Shabbat a diaper with forms on the outside that disintegrate when the diaper is soaked, alerting parents to change the diaper?

Undoing Mistaken Early Acceptance of Shabbat

After davening at an early Shabbat minyan, I realized that I forgot to deliver a gift to my host (we have no eiruv). Can I undo my acceptance of Shabbat and daven Maariv again after delivering the gift?

Using a crumb sweeper on Shabbat

Is a crumb sweeper allowed on Shabbat?

Raising Charitable Funds on Shabbat

I am one of the organizers of a charity that provides free transportation for a broad spectrum of underprivileged New Yorkers. May I try to drum up support for it among fellow Jews I see on Shabbat?

Using a Shabbat Clock for an Urn

My hot water urn has a Shabbat setting, in which the water is heated at a constant level and the switch for boiling the water is disabled. The socket where I plug it in is on a Shabbat clock that is off at night. When it goes on in the morning, the water that has become cold heats back up. Is that permitted?

Methods of Receiving Pay for Work on Shabbat

I work at a local shuls youth department on Shabbat. They occasionally have activities during the week (e.g., Purim, Sukkot, Tu BShvat). Some of my co-workers believe that one of the intentions for these activities is to solve the problem of paying us for work on Shabbat (schar Shabbat). I am skeptical for two reasons. First, would that work, considering that there are several months when we get paid without any such activities. Secondly, arent there better solutions than that?

An Oven Used for Chillul Shabbat

I want to use an otherwise kosher oven that was used for cooking food in a manner of clear chillul Shabbat. Has it become treif?

Eating Questionably Reheated Kugel

Before our shul Kiddush, gabbaim noticed the hot plate (for kugel) was unplugged, so they had a non-Jew connect it (I dont know what they told him). I ate the kugel only after it cooled down. Was that necessary/allowed?

Who Drinks Kiddush/Havdala Wine and Why?

Why is it that after Kiddush everyone drinks the Kiddush wine and after Havdala only the mavdil does?

How Can We Say Things of Minhag Before Kiddush?

The Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Gra, Pri Megadim, etc. (Orach Chayim 271) all mention the need to rush to make Kiddush and eat as soon as Shabbat commences. Yet, I have never seen a household that doesn't first sing Shalom Aleichem (which contains problematic elements) and Eishet Chayil. Also, making Kiddush is a mitzva (doraita, for those who did not daven Maariv, and drabbanan for those who did) while the singing is just a very nice (recent) minhag. Since when does a minhag take precedence over a mitzva?! Shouldn't we make Kiddush (and Hamotzi) first?

Shabbat Cruises

I signed up for an Israeli round-trip pleasure cruise to European destinations. The ship will be covering ground at sea on Shabbat? Is there a heter to be in such a situation?

Automatic Payment on Shabbat or Yom Tov

When I get a credit card bill (in the US), one payment option is for it to be taken from my bank account on the bills due date. May I let that happen when that day is Saturday or Yom Tov?

Scheduling a blog etc. to post after Shabbat starts in Israel

Today, people schedule blog posts to go live at later times. You can also schedule postings to social media. Can I schedule a post to go live when it is Shabbat in Israel and mid-day Friday in NYC? Does it matter if it is my personal site or if I work at a company that likes to have a set schedule for its posts?

Using frozen challah on Shabbat for Lechem Mishne

Can one use a frozen challah on Shabbat for Lechem Mishne?

Taking Off Challa on Shabbat

My sons were guests in Bnei Brak. The hosts forgot to do hafrashat challa before Shabbat. On Shabbat, the baal habayit separated some challa to be burnt after Shabbat. Was it okay for my sons to have eaten?

Why Not Use an Eiruv?

Why would someone not trust an eiruv constructed under respectable rabbis supervision?

How to fulfill the obligation of lighting Shabbat candles when one will be arriving after Shabbat begins

We were invited last minute to join Shabbat Sheva Berachot and to sleep there as well. We did not have enough time to make it there before Shabbat but walked there, where should we have lit candles?

Lighting Candles When One Needs to Leave the House

My husband and I were going away for Shabbat, walking to a different side of the neighborhood to eat with relatives and sleep at a neighbors empty home. We left late, so we knew we would not make it in time to light at our destination. What should we have done about Shabbat candles?

Shabbat in Hawaii

I was looking to travel to Hawaii, and was wondering if there was any complications in traveling on a particular day or over Shabbat.

LED Shoes for Children on Shabbat

Can a child wear on Shabbat shoes that have lights (LED) in the soles that light up when he walks?

Using apple cider for kiddush

May a person use alcoholic apple ciderf or kiddush?

Eating before Kiddush

As a nursing mother, I sometimes get very hungry or thirsty between when I light candles and when my husband comes home from shul. When this happens, is it permitted for me to eat or drink?

Using a pastry bag on Shabbat

Can you use a pastry bag on Shabbos to fill deviled eggs? Can you make a pastry bag out of a ziploc by poking a hole or cutting the tip off on Shabbos?

Defrosting Challah in an oven with a pilot light

Can I place challah in an oven with a pilot light to defrost challah?

Garbage Disposal on Shabbat

My neighborhoods garbage is collected on Shabbat. Isnt it a problem having a non-Jew do melacha for me on Shabbat? What would the basis for leniency be, if there is any?

Beracha on besamim in havdalah in shul

Regarding havdalah after shabbos -If you are in shul and won't get to smell the besamin, do you still answer amein to that bracha?

Using an electric bed warmer on Shabbat

Can one use an electric bed warmer (a mattress pad with a heating element) on Shabbat?

Using an Hourglass on Shabbat

This past Yom Kippur, I was a few days after birth, and so a rabbi said that I could eat small amounts of food. He lent me an hourglass set to give the correct amount of time for eating in intervals. Is it always permitted to use an hourglass on Shabbat, or was it a special leniency because of my medical status?

Child Riding a Bicycle on Shabbat

May a child ride a bicycle on Shabbat in a place that has an eiruv?

Husband Accepting Shabbat with his Wife

My wife generally lights candles 15 minutes before sunset, in keeping with our communitys practice. I generally cease melacha then, as do she and our two little children. Sometimes, due to work, I can make it home only by sunset, not candle lighting time. May my wife light at the usual time or should she wait for me? I am afraid that my small children, who are used to my not doing melacha after my wife lights, will be confused.

Use of a Fat Separator on Shabbat

Is it permitted to use a fat separator on Shabbat?

Kabbalat Shabbat of Part of the Community

My community has a small minyan for Kabbalat Shabbat that accepts Shabbat early, and no second minyan (there is a larger minyan for the rest of Shabbat). Must I accept Shabbat at the time the early minyan does, which is sometimes difficult for me?

taking water from water fountain on shabbos

Can one take water from the water fountain on Shabbat?

Halachic Consequences of Use of Medical Marijuana

After years of unsuccessful conventional treatment for debilitating pain, the medical marijuana my doctor has prescribed for me has proven more effective and with lesser side effects. My license is only for "leaves," not pills or oil. Obviously, I can't smoke on Shabbat, so I baked a batch of cannabis brownies to eat. These take effect about 90 minutes after ingestion. Can I eat one of these brownies before shul? If so, should I make Kiddush first? Also, can one do Birkat Kohanim while using medical marijuana (although it affects coordination briefly and I feel a bit drunk, I am not drunk, and it does not impair my thinking ability)?

Sending Packages on Shabbat or Yom Tov

I often send packages with UPS. May I have them do a pick up on Shabbat or Yom Tov, when everything was done from beforehand, and they take it without my involvement?

Influence of a community eruv on techumin

My family has a house on Long Island, which is located several miles from the closest shul. The houses in this area are on about 1 acre properties and based on our analysis, it seems that walking to shul would be a techum problem, since even if we made an eruv techum we would fall short of the total distance. Recently, the neighboring community decided to extend the regular eruv (for carrying) to include our community. I was wondering if being part of the eruv also solves the techum issue (since we are in the eruv together with the shul, even though it is still far away), or are they two completely separate considerations?

Taking payment for Shabbat

If one is being paid by the hour to tutor a child, is he allowed to take money for the tutoring he does on Shabbat, or is that a violation of receiving payment for Shabbat?

When to Cut the Challa?

Does one fulfill lechem mishneh if the bread is cut, or the matza is broken, prior to the completion of the beracha?

American options trade after Shabbat has begun in Israel

If I buy options on shares, and the expiration of the options is at 16 clock American time on Friday, and I live in Israel where at this time we have already accepted Shabbat, is it permitted to have the shares be bought at this time?

Having a non-Jew check a Jew into a flight online, on Shabbat

I have a flight a few hours after Shabbat ends. May I ask a non-Jew ahead of time to check me into my flight, as I won't be able to check myself in Friday night since it'll already be Shabbat?

Using foaming soap on Shabbat

In people's homes and is shuls, hospitals etc its very common that soap with gel or liquid consistency inside the dispenser comes out of the pump as a foam-like material. What halachic issues are involved in using these soaps on shabbos?

To What Does Havdala Relate?

This is more of a philosophical than halachic question, but is Havdala a mitzva of Shabbat or a mitzva of chol (weekday)?

Use of Salad Slicers on Shabbat

May I use a salad slicer (approximately, a hand-operated food processor) on Shabbat?

Receiving Video of Personal Event on Shabbat

At my sons recent Shabbat bar mitzva, a non-Jew who is close to him came to shul. It turns out he videoed some of the proceedings on his phone (if I had noticed, I would have asked him not to) and offered to send it to me, which, of course, would be nice. May I accept the offer?

Getting a Kite Down from a Tree on Shabbat

If one flies a kite on Shabbat and it gets stuck in a tree, may he extricate it from the tree?

Receiving Fish from Shabbat Fishing

A Jewish friend sometimes fishes on Shabbat and brings me some of his (kosher) catch after Shabbat. Is it permitted for him to give me some and for me to accept them?

Giving an Envelope on Shabbat to Use for Donations

It is the practice in some shuls to give a self-addressed envelope to one who gets an aliya to mail his pledge after Shabbat. Is the envelope muktzeh?

When my family has seuda shlishit before shekia (sunset), I join them. The amount I eat varies, but I do not like to have a full meal with bread. May

When my family has seuda shlishit before shekia (sunset), I join them. The amount I eat varies, but I do not like to have a full meal with bread. May I continue eating after shekia?

Greeting before Davening

The Mishna Berura rules that one may not go over to his friends place in shul before davening. As the shuls rabbi, is there a heter for me to go over to a new congregant to make him feel welcome and comfortable with our tefilla?

Muktzeh during Bein Hashemashot

May one violate muktzeh during bein hashemashot (=bhs; the time between sunset and nightfall treated as a doubt of day or night) based on the rule of sefika drabbanan lkula (we are lenient in cases of doubt of a Rabbinic prohibition) even without a mitzva need. If not, why?

Moving Kugel into a Cholent Pot

May I take a kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crock pot?

Moving Kugel into a Cholent Pot Revisited

May I take a potato kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crock pot?

Reheating Liquids on Shabbat

Regarding the prohibition to reheat liquid foods on Shabbat (in cases where there is not a problem due to returning food to a heat source), what constitutes a liquid?

Fulfilling Kiddush from One Who Did Not Eat

If the person making Kiddush in shul does not eat after Kiddush, is his Kiddush valid?

Who Lights Shabbat Candles Father or Daughter?

The last time my wife was away for Shabbat, my oldest daughter (under bat mitzva) wanted to light Shabbat candles instead of me. Can a minor daughter do so, and does she have precedence over me?

Personal Requests on Shabbat

What types of requests are prohibited on Shabbat? Is davening for peace and tranquility in ones own words permitted?

Heating Pad on Shabbat

I have muscle pain in my back, which sometimes becomes severe. Going to bed with a heating pad has made a big difference sometimes. May I use it on Shabbat, or is it a problem of muktzeh?

Definition of Davar Gush

l have learned that a hot solid piece of food, such as a chunk of meat or a potato, has special halachot because it holds in the heat. How do we consider something like vegetable soup, which has both significant broth and solid pieces of vegetables?

Frozen Challa for Lechem Mishneh

May we use a frozen challa for lechem mishneh on Shabbat?

Which Way to Turn at Boi Bshalom

In what direction should one turn when getting up to Boi Bshalom at the end of Lecha Dodi? Many shuls seems to have confusion on the matter.

Removing Hair from a Necklace

Is it permitted to remove loose hair on Shabbat, which usually includes ripping it, that has gotten stuck in a necklace?

Is Raw Spaghetti Muktzeh?

An open package of spaghetti fell out of the closet, with its contents spilling on the counter and floor. I swept up what was on the floor but left the spaghetti on the counter, as I was unsure if it was muktzeh. One of my boys noshed on some of it. Was he allowed to eat it or was it muktzeh?

Trapping and Releasing on Shabbat

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a mouse in the house and put out a cage trap. A mouse was trapped last Shabbat. Because we felt bad for the mouse, we took it (on Shabbat) to an isolated area and let it out. Did we violate anything by trapping the mouse on Shabbat, or by letting it out (like some melachot that come in pairs, like tying and untying)? Was the cage muktzeh and, if yes, did tzaar baalei chayim justify taking it out?

Davening for a Friend on Shabbat

I regularly daven that my friend will find a shidduch. May I do so, mentioning her name, on Shabbat?

Eat Meat on Shabbat when it Bothers his Wife?

My wife and I are relatively newly married. I am used to having fleishig Shabbat meals, whereas my wife is disgusted by meat (including poultry, mainly by the smell). Is it right for us to stop having meat at Shabbat/Yom Tov meals or should we try to figure out an arrangement that my wife can live with?

Borer on Plates

We set our Shabbat table with a larger "charger" plate under the main plate. At the end of the meal, we clear off the dirty dishes and leave the charger plates. Is there a problem with borer (selecting)?

Challot on the Table for Kiddush

We like to keep our challot in a warm place until bringing them to the table after netilat yadayim so they taste their best. Must they be on the table during Kiddush?

Adding a Shabbat Candle after Forgetting

I am a man living alone. Last week, I forgot to light Shabbat candles. Must I light an extra one from now on?

Adding Salt to Hot Food on Shabbat

In our home, the health concerns of some and the taste concerns of others clash in regard to salt in our food. If I cook with less salt, may people add salt to their soup or cholent on Shabbat?

Automatic Commerce in Cryptocurrency on Shabbat

I joined a stock exchange for crypto coins, in which I can buy and sell, and have a linked service that enables me to create bots to find and carry out deals 24/7, according to parameters I set. If I do not shut it off for Shabbat (which is easy), it will almost certainly find profitable trades. May I let the bots run on Shabbat?

How Many Challot to Take Home?

My neighbor works in a bakery, and when they have a lot of unsold challot, he often takes home dozens of them and encourages people at Maariv of Shabbat to come take as many as possible. I took what I thought I might use but not what I knew would go straight into the freezer because I thought it was hachana (preparation for after Shabbat). Is that correct?

Homeopathic Remedies on Shabbat

Is it permitted to ingest homeopathic remedies on Shabbat?

Playing Darts on Shabbat

Can we play darts on Shabbat? (Additional information requested the darts are classic ones that pierce the boards surface; the board hangs loosely from a nail in the wall; in between uses, the darts often stay on the board.)

Moving a Tzedaka Box on Shabbat

I, a gabbai, found on Shabbat morning that the tzedaka box was on the bima, where it would get in the way and/or get knocked off during laining. Is it permitted to move the tzedaka box in that situation?

Taking Medicine to Facilitate Mitzvot

[This is my question.] Last Friday, I developed minor nasal issues, resembling my allergies, but uncommon for me in the fall. I woke up at night, sneezing. I reasoned that if I am not sure it is allergies, I should stay home until I can rule out Covid (even though I am fully vaccinated and was without other symptoms). I would miss shul and have a problem with scheduled guests (disinvite? stay in my room?). I figured that if I take my allergy medicine and wake up symptom-free, I can assume it was allergies. Was I permitted to take it (nasal spray) on Shabbat?