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Knife Sharpener

Can I use the same mechanical knife sharpener for milchig and fleishig knives?

Switching Status of Corelle Dishes

I have a full set of Corelle dishes that I used to use for dairy, but I havent used them at all in 10 years. May I use them for meat now?

Separation of Meat, Dairy and Pareve at a Table

I was teaching the laws of meat and milk, including that one who is within six hours of eating meat should not eat pareve at a table with those eating milk without a reminder in place. One of the students asked if sitting around in a kumzitz where there are milchig refreshments on nearby tables is considered eating at one table.

Kashrut of Hard Liquors

Do hard liquors require a hashgacha (rabbinical supervision) and why?

Non-Jewish Caregiver and Food Preparation

We hired a Philippine caregiver to live with my mother, who is barely mobile. Until now, others have cooked most of her food. Can the caregiver now cook or at least reheat the food?

Bread Knife

Many people have a special, pareve bread knife. Is that halachically required?

Porcelain Dishes

What exactly should be done to brand new porcelain dishes before using them. Soak? Blessing? Please let me know..

Garbage Disposal

I am considering installing a garbage disposal in my kitchen. Can this be used to dispose of both meat and dairy products? Does this require any special cleaning between uses?

Owning and Running a Non-Kosher Restaurant

Me and two friends of mine, all Jewish, would like to open a store of pizzas, like Pizza Hut, NOT KOSHER. I would have three questions: 1. Can three partners sell non-Kosher food to not Jewish people? 2. Can they sell not Kosher food to a Jewish that knows that the food is not Kosher? 3. Can they hold open the store in Shabbat leaving only the not Jewish staff?

Kosher Pig?

There have been reports that a pig with split hooves that chews its cud has been found in Indonesia. Would such an animal be kosher?

Kashering China

Can you kasher china and under what conditions ?

Eating Meat and Fish Together

Why are we prohibited from eating fish and meat together if fish is pareve?

Why is Chicken Considered Meat

If the prohibition against meat and milk is based on the Biblical passage: "You shall not cook a kid in its mothers milk", why does it apply to chicken? We don't get milk from chicken, so how could that ever happen?

Bishul Akum at an Israeli Hotel

I was recently at a hotel in Israel. I saw an Arab employee who was making pancakes on the griddle. When I asked him who turned the griddle on, he replied that he had. Why isnt that a problem of bishul akum? Is using an electric griddle the same as using an oven? Can pancakes be considered food which can be eaten raw, and, thus, bishul akum wouldnt apply?

Kashering Utensils

When can one kasher utensils from fleishig to milchig or vice versa?

Using Dairy Food Processor for Onions

May I use a dairy food processor to chop onions and then put the onions into a fleishig food?

Waiting Between Eating Milk and Meat- Halacha and Minhag

I am very confused about a certain attitude among Orthodox people. Many people place a lot of importance on how long you wait between eating milk and meat. However, let us look at the source of waiting between milk and meat. It is just a rabbinic geder (fence) not to eat them together (when cooked separately) and a further geder not to eat them in the same meal. As a result, people in different cultures who had a meat meal would end up waiting the amount of time until the next meal to eat milk. The whole six hour/three hour thing doesnt seem to be so important, yet people make you feel so guilty if you take on a more lenient custom.

Waiting Between Eating Milk and Meat

We wait 6 hours between eating meat and milk. Some keep less. Where does this come from? Why cant we eat them as long as theyre not cooked together, as the Torah says?

Minor Inspecting Grains for Infestation

If someone under the age of bar/bat mitzvah inspects grains or vegetables for infestation, etc., is that inspection sufficient?

Pat Akum

What is Pat Akum?

Jews Trading in Non-Kosher Foods

Can a Jew trade in prohibited foods if he has no direct contact with the food and he has a non-Jewish partner?

Exchanging Non-Kosher Wine

I received a bottle of non-kosher wine worth about $140 as a gift from a non-Jewish co-worker. Our liquor store will exchange it for kosher wine of similar value if they can sell mine. May we make the exchange?

Cooking School and Kashrut Issues

I wish to attend a prestigious cooking school. I have several issues to deal with. I would be dealing with non-kosher items on a daily basis. Am I allowed to taste a small amount of them? Also, I will need to cook milk and meat together. Is this permissible, or is non-monetary benefit (the grade) also forbidden?

Oven Use for Milk and Meat

I use my oven for baking fleishig foods. If I havent used the oven for 24 hours and bake a pareve cake, can I eat it with milk?

Kashrut of Roast which a Drop of Milk Spilled on

I was making a roast, and a drop of milk spilled on it. Is it still kosher?

Dishwasher kashrut

1. How do you kasher a dishwasher? 2. Can you use the same dishwasher for both meat and milk dishes? 3. Can a dishwasher be kashered for Pesach?

Non-kosher Ingredients in a Kosher Product

I am pretty sure that while I was doing some research on Kashrut some time ago I came across something called the rule of 100 or it could have been 1000. It basically stated that with most packaged food being made in large processing plants there is no way to say, unfortunately, that an insect could not have fallen into a mixer or what not. So the rule laid down a percentage, something like if there is a non-kosher ingredient in your food that you are unaware of and the ingredient makes up 1/100th or 1/1000 of the total ingredients by weight the product would still be considered kosher. Is this true or did I read some misinformation?

Status of Food in UnToyveled Utensil

Parashat Miketz 5768 I will be traveling to a place with no mikveh for tevilat keilim (immersion of utensils) for the utensils I will need to buy. If I do not do tevilat keilim, does the food become non-kosher?

Bishul Akum

I would like to ask you a question that recently came up. In a non kosher restaurant can one ask the waiter to cook a piece of kosher fish double wrapped in aluminum foil? Please address the issues of Bishul Akum regarding fish, a baked potato, vegetables. Is steaming ok? Is there a concern regarding the knife that's used to cut the fish?

Cooking parve food in fleishig crock pot

I like to cook foods inside cooking bags in my fleishig crock pot. May I cook pareve food in water in the crock pot or perhaps even when fleishig food is cooking in the crock pot and still consider the food pareve?

Does Liquid Calf Rennet need a hechsher?

I want to make my own cheese. Because I am making the cheese, there is obviously no issue of gevinat yisrael. But does the rennet need certification? Some reasons it should not are: the calf stomach's are dried and made like an etz bealmah or because the extraction of the enzymes is a davar chadash; there may be other reasons as well.

Using a kettle from a non-kosher kitchen

I recently stayed in a rented, furnished house, and was kashering the kitchen. Do I need to kasher a kettle? Can I assume that it has always been used with water and is okay, or is there something I should worry about?

Status of milk and meat pots that were washed together in the dishwasher

What is the din if one washed a clean ben yoma milk and a clean ben yomo meat pot in the same cycle of a dish washer b'shogeg? Can one say "not bar not d'hetera" and both dishes are muter? What about if there was a mashahu of meat/milk attached to the pots Does the dish washing soap turn the tam lifgam immediately? How does the soap affect something b'ayn?

Toveling utensils before use when it has been obtained from a non-Jew.

I believe that it is a psik reishei (an unintentional but certain result) that a can opener will touch the food while opening the can. Therefore, it would seem to be required to tovel (immerse) the opener before use when it has been obtained from a non-Jew. Yet, I have not heard of people doing this. What is the correct practice?

Kashrut of an Animal Fed Meat and Milk

I have heard that veal comes from calves that are fed a mixture of milk and meat. Shouldnt that make it forbidden, as an animal whose sustenance comes from non-kosher food (see Rama, Yoreh Deah 60:1)? This case is particularly severe, because the feed is assur bhanaah (forbidden in benefit)!

Buying coffee in a coffee shop that does not have kosher supervision

Is it permissible to buy coffee at a local coffee shop?

Rinsing After Eating Pareve Food Cooked in Fleishig Pot

I know that if one eats milchig (dairy food), he has to wash his hands and mouth before eating fleishig (meat food). What if he eats pareve (neither milk nor meat) food that was cooked in a fleishig pot? Although he does not have to wait six hours, does he at least have to clean his mouth and hands?

Whether one must sift flour that will be used to make playdough

I have a recipe for homemade playdough which uses 3 cups flour (out of 6 cups total ingredients) and involves cooking on the stovetop. I use a regular pot from my kitchen, and standard packaged Israeli white flour. Should I sift the flour before making the dough? My kids don't normally eat or taste it.

Baking chicken and fish at the same time in an oven

May I bake together uncovered chicken and fish (not for a milk meal) in an oven?

Grilling fish on a meat grill

If a meat grill has meat residue- can one put fish on it with a piece on foil under the fish? Thanks!

Kashering an induction cooker for Pesach

Is it possible to use an induction cooker during Pesach?

Taking a lactose pill after eating meat

Is it mutar to take a lactose pill after eating meat?

Is it required to Toivel a BBQ Grate

Is it required to Toivel a BBQ Grate ?

Buying Food Without a Hechsher for Others

A friend asked me to buy her a food product without a hechsher. May I do so?

kasher non-stick saucepan

Hi, I accidentally treifed-up my pot by cooking a dairy quinoa mix in my fleishigs pot. The pot is a non-stick saucepan. Can I kasher the pot for use again or must I throw it out?

Using a Water Urn for Milchig and Fleishig

I learned that a hot water kettle is either milchig or fleishig. In other words, once one pours from it into a milchig kli (utensil) it may no longer be used to pour into a fleishig kli. Could you please remind me of this halachas source?

Raw pine nuts without kosher certification

Can you please let me know if raw Pine Nuts without any added ingredients need kosher certification?

Non-Kosher food in a camping cooler

I want to let my friend borrow my camping cooler. She does not keep kosher and I do keep kosher. Can she put non-kosher food into it, even pork? I told her that if she doesn't leave melted ice in it for 24 hours, then it's okay, because everything will be cold. Is that right or does she have to take more precautions to make sure it stays kosher?

Dairy ingredients prepared in a pareve bowl

I made a lasagna. I used a mixing bowl that I designate as parve to mix the dairy ingredients which were all cold at the time. When I washed the bowl and the whisk (which was also parve), I used a parve sponge, did the hot water from rinsing the dairy off the bowl and the whisk cause the whisk, sponge, and bowl to become dairy?

Does seaweed for sushi require kosher certification

Does seaweed for sushi require kosher certification?

A Fleishig Egg Pan for a Milk Meal

I (an Ashkenazi) accidentally cooked meat in the pan I use for pareve eggs. Can I still use the pan for pareve eggs I plan to eat at a milchig meal?

Calcium supplements without a hechsher

My doctor suggested that I take citracal or caltrate supplements for calcium, can I take them even though there is no hechsher on the label?

Kashering cast iron cookware

What would the process be to kasher iron cookware? And does that mean I could buy second-hand cast iron cookware and kasher it?

Does a Cutting Board for Onions Take on the Status of the Knife Used?

I cut an onion on a pareve plastic cutting board with a fleishig knife. Does it make the cutting board fleishig like the onion?

Status of onion cut with meat knife

I would like to know if you cut an onion with a meat knife, does the onion become meat, and do you have to wait 6 hours before you could eat milk foods?

Kashrut of sturgeon fish

Is sturgeon a kosher fish? I have not eaten it because I did not know if it had fins and scales.

noodles in a dairy pot

I made noodles in a dairy pot that had not been used for dairy in a number of days. The noodles are plain, can I dress then and serve them with meat...lets say, at a Shabbos meal?

Using a pre-seasoned Dutch Oven

I am considering purchasing a Dutch oven (cast iron cooking pot). They all seem to come pre-seasoned with some sort of oil. (The seasoning process usually involves baking that oil into the pot.) Is there a Kashrut concern concerning purchasing a new Dutch oven (that is pre-seasoned)? If I purchase a used Dutch oven, can it be Kashered by keeping it in a self-cleaning oven during a cleaning cycle?

Whether a cotton candy machine needs/can be kashered

Can or does a cotton candy machine need to be kashered? If yes, how?

Eating Dairy Equipment Food after Meat

When I wait six hours after eating meat, is it permitted to eat chezkat chalavi (assumed to have absorbed taste from dairy utensils) foods?

Using the Same Grill for Meat and Fish

Can you grill fish on the same grill that you use for chicken and meat?

The status of a pareve soup that was mixed with a dairy spoon

I have a pot of hot parve soup and used a dairy spoon to mix it. What is the status of the pot and the soup? Is it still parve?

Procedure for kashering silverware

I need to kasher some dairy silverware that was accidentally used during a meat meal, (on hot chicken). I don't recall if I use a dairy or meat pot to immerse the treif items into it. Please advise as to the proper procedure to kasher the few metal pieces.

Whether dishes must be kashered if bugs were cooked in them

Today I was taking soup out of the crockpot and I noticed a bunch of things that looked like ants in the soup! I threw out the soup and washed the bowl/ spoon/ crockpot. Is there any way I can kasher these things correctly?

Vegetables accidently cut with a non-kosher knife

What should be done with vegetables that were accidently cut with a non-kosher knife?

Kashrut of pure sunflower oil

I was told that extra virgin olive oil does not require a hechsher, and I'm wondering if the same holds true for pure sunflower oil? If the ingredients list says only "pure sunflower oil" does it need kosher certification?

Using a non-kosher stove top

Can I use a non-kosher stove top?

Meat knife accidentally used to spread cream cheese

Our babysitter accidentally used a finely serrated meat steak knife to spread cream cheese. We rinsed the knife off. What is it's status? Do we need to do anything to make it usable?

Can Silicone pans be kashered

Can Silicone pans be kashered?

Does extra-virgin olive oil require a hechsher

Does extra-virgin olive oil require a hechsher?

Is Vodka considered charif?

I have been making Esrog liqueur. This has involved taking vodka (160 proof) and soaking esrog peel in it. If I strain it through a dairy strainer, will the liqueur become dairy?

Cooking on a sealed glass electric stove top

Can one cook on a sealed glass electric stove top that is treif?

Using coffee beans without kosher supervision

At work, there is an espresso machine which consists of a bean grinder and a device which runs hot water through the grounds. The espresso beans that they use don't have any hashgacha. Can I drink the espresso here? Can I buy my own beans that do have hashgacha and use their machine?

Status of eggs that had milk spill on them

If milk spills on an egg, does it make it chalavi if it is all cold and washed off right away?

Whether one must check hardboiled eggs for blood spots

Must one check hardboiled eggs for blood spots?

Buying fish from a fish store without kosher supervision

If one does not have access to a fish store with kosher certification, how can he purchase fish without kosher supervision?

Blood spot found in a cooked egg

If one discovered a blood spot in a cooked egg, what should be done?

Self Cleaning Ovens

In the OU instructions for kashering self cleaning ovens, there is no mention of special instruction regarding cleaning the door of the oven. Other Kashrut agencies mention a need to clean the inside face of the oven door (especially the area that remains outside the oven chamber) and gasket (especially the groove under the gasket) since these areas are not necessarily cleaned during the cycle. What procedure should we follow?

Does the prohibition of gevinat akum apply to paneer

Does the prohibition of gevinat akum apply to paneer? Paneer is an Indian cheese. It's not made with rennet. It's curdled with lemon juice usually, although sometimes vinegar or other acids are used. Besides for potential issues with the vinegar, can this be considered like cream cheese or cottage cheese and eaten from a non kosher company?

Tasting Non-Kosher Wine

I will be touring France, and our group will be doing wine tasting with wine that has no hashgacha. It is permitted to taste the wine if I spit it out thereafter

Hashgacha on brewers yeast

I have been told that brewers yeast nowadays needs a hecsher, is this true?

Providing Non-Kosher Food for Non-Jewish Workers

Where I come from, it is very common for employers to provide non-kosher food for their live-in household help. Is that permitted?

How to deal with kosher food in a non-kosher kitchen

A party is being planned in someone's house. Most of the participants don't keep kosher and some do. The food itself is kosher - it will come from a caterer - double wrapped (like in an airplane) with a good hashgaha. The problem is that the owner of the house is not observant so the kitchen in the house where the party is held isn't a kosher kitchen. They owner of the house promises to "self clean" their oven before the party, and then heat up the food in the oven while the food is still wrapped in the original wrapping. Is this food kosher? Can you tell me what the problems are and if there's anything I can do to make the situation better (the party is on a motzai shabbat?)

Selling vitamins, without a hashgacha, online

I have a business selling vitamins and supplements online. We sell to a nationwide audience that aren't necessarily looking for kosher vitamins, and a large portion of the brands that we carry don't have any kosher certification. It was brought to my attention that there might be a halachic problem with selling non-kosher products even when it's sold to a non-jewish consumer. I would like to get in touch with a rabbi who can give me general guidance on this issue, and if needed, to provide personalized guidance by looking at the individual items that we carry to determine if any of them have "trief" ingredients and if those items need to be excluded from our inventory.

Children Waiting Between Meat and Milk

I have children of various ages, and it is often difficult to have them wait six hours between meat and milk. Milk is an important part of their diet/lifestyle (including before bed), and eating disorders concern me.

Status of keilim used for bishul akum

Recently it came to my attention that my house keeper has been using our frying pan to make pan cakes, eggs, or grilled cheese for herself in out home. Are we required to kasher our frying pan (and if so how would do so) or our we required to get a new one ?

Owning a grocery store that sells non-kosher products

I would greatly appreciate if the Rabbi can kindly clarify the following halachic question; is it permissible for a Jew to own a local convenience/mini grocery store that also stock's/sell's some non-Kosher products?

Making Food in Fleishig Pot to Transfer into Other Utensils

Sometimes I want to make a big pareve vegetable soup in a meat pot (my largest) and later put some of it in milchig or pareve pots or bowls. Is this permissible?

Working in a Non-Kosher Establishment

Is it permitted for a religious Jew to work (e.g., as a waiter) in a non-kosher restaurant or café where most of the food is not kosher?

Business involving the dye carmine, which is derived from bugs

There is a company that I am thinking of investing in. It is based in Israel, and they own flavoring companies throughout the world. They are publicly traded on the stock market. This means that the owners of the company are the stockholders. I am not sure what percentage of the stockholders are Jewish, since it is based in Israel. One of the flavors they own is a dye made from a bug. This causes me to question - Can I buy stock in this company.

Being injected with a vaccine that contains non-kosher

This year a new flu vaccine is offered that is based on cells of caterpillar (armyworm). Is an observant Jew allowed to be injected with something not kosher?

Timtum Halev Part I

Is there timtum halev [approximately, spiritual pollution of the heart] when one ingests non-kosher food in a halachically valid manner, e.g., based on bitul (nullification)?

Timtum Halev Part II

Is there timtum halev [approximately, spiritual pollution of the heart] when one ingests non-kosher food in a halachically valid manner, e.g., based on bitul (nullification)?

bishul akum of instant oatmeal

Is my non-Jewish babysitter allowed to make instant oatmeal for my kids?

Whether the pot used for Kashering must itself first be Kashered

Can one use any kli rishon one has at home [being bisari or chalavi, after it has not been used for 24 hours] for the process of koshering, or does one have to kosher the pot itself first by letting boiling water cook over its brim? I would be grateful for an answer.

Status of a pan that had a fly heated in it

Someone heated a pan, and before he put food in it, he saw there was a fly in the pan. What is the Din of the pan?

Kashering Frozen Liver

If a piece of liver was frozen for weeks, can it be cooked and roasted?

Products Containing Minute Quantities of Non-Kosher Food

I want to use a homeopathic allergy medicine that contains some apis mellifica, which is trace quantities of crushed honeybee. Is this permitted?

How Many Eggs Should be Boiled Together?

When making hardboiled eggs, may one cook one or two eggs or must there be at least three? Also, does it make a difference if there is an even or odd number?

Kashering Quartzite (Perla Venata)

I am looking into counter surface materials for my kitchen, and would like to know about whether the material I am looking at can be kashered and used as a kitchen countertop for Pesach. The material is Quartzite, and the specific type is called Perla Venata. Please let me know what other information you need to determine whether this can be used and kashered like granite.

Double Wrapping Food in a Treif Oven

I know that sometimes when warming something in a not kosher oven or a milchig food in a fleishig oven, he double wraps the food. When is this necessary and why?

Kashrut of a Tea Bag Holder

I have a porcelain tea bag holder (small saucer on which you put a tea bag after removing it from the tea). May I use it alternately for pareve tea served in both milchig (e.g., used for coffee with milk) and fleishig cups (e.g., used for chicken soup)?

Taking a pill with lactose monohydrate, after meat

I am currently taking Zyrtec wich has lactose monohydrate . My doctor has instructed me to take it at night which is usually less than the appropriate time needed to wait in between milk and meat. I would like to know if I have to wait to take Zyrtec after meat or can I take it directly after meat?

Reliability Regarding Kashrut

Does one witness is believed in matters of issurin (what is religiously forbidden/permitted, including, kashrut) apply even if the witness has a personal interest, such as a store or restaurant? Does it apply to a woman? Must the person be a yareh shamayim? How is a mashgiach better than the owner if the business pays him?

Selling Food Supplements Online

I sell a wide variety of food supplements and health products in an online business. I buy products from manufacturers and store them in a warehouse, from which we ship an order. Our clientele are a broad population in the US, which will certainly include a minority of Jews. People will not know that a frum Jew owns the business and rely on us that the food is kosher. Must the products be kosher? (I can send pictures of each products label for your approval.)

Salad at Meat and Milk Meals

Sometimes I serve the same salad at a fleishig meal and again at a milchig meal. My daughter told me that her friends family does not do that. Is it okay?

Tasting Meat Liquids

When I cook for Shabbat, I like to taste the chicken soup and gravies to make sure they are properly spiced. Does that make me fleishig?

Using Dishes of Unknown Type

Years ago, someone (kashrut observant) gave me a set of used china dishes. I do not remember whether the dishes are for meat or dairy (or who gave them to me). Is there a way I can use the dishes?
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