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Shabbat Parashat Devarim 5775

Ein Ayah: Being Born Into an Ideal Spiritual State

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 2:50)

Gemara: [The pasuk (Melachim I, 8:66) discusses the aftermath of the celebration of the inauguration of the Beit Hamikdash.] “They went to their tents” – i.e., they found their wives to be pure (not niddot) – “happy” – i.e., they enjoyed the aura of the Divine Presence – “with a good heart” – i.e., the wives of each and every one of them became pregnant and gave birth to a boy.


Ein Ayah: The spiritual uplifting of an individual or a community can sometimes constrict the vigor of life. However, that is the not the most complete way of service of Hashem. When Hashem’s blessing to His nation brings complete spiritual elevation, it will not reduce natural inclinations but will embellish and purify them, so that they relate to man’s pure side, not his coarse, animalistic side. When a person’s natural inclinations are purified by his intellectual/spiritual side, they can bring him to fulfillment of the greatest G-d-ordained goals.

It was wonderful when the status of Israel soared when the Beit Hamikdash, the great and holy house from which Torah and light went out to Israel and the whole world, was inaugurated.  Everyone joined together in the loftiest joyfulness of mitzva. The event dictated the nature of the spiritual elevation – it was to be in the manner of perfecting, not minimizing inclinations, and thereby filling the pure soul with divine light, which improves the inclinations’ goals.

It is in this light that we are to see the gemara’s statement that people found their wives pure. The Divine Will is that sensual inclinations be pure and not allow people to corrupt them for darkness. When people’s personal lives are pure, they can be happy with the aura of the Divine Presence (the next idea in the gemara). This refers to the relationship with the Creator in both intellectual and emotional ways and following His way of love of truth and deep recognition.

“With a good heart” relates to a situation in which natural inclinations hit their mark. Fulfilling one’s natural desires was initially just necessary to encourage the important goal of creating new life. This goal is best attained if the sanctity of life is improved. At the great point in history of the Beit Hamikdash’s inauguration, every man’s wife became pregnant with a boy. Imagine how positive an effect those who were born through that context brought. After all, they were full of holy emotions, with tendencies toward Hashem’s light and the proper love of their nation. Service of Hashem revolves around men, although the women are trustworthy assistants. At that unprecedentedly opportune moment, it was proper that the more directly involved servants should be born, prepared to fulfill the Divine Desire which prevailed at that time.

One of Israel’s strengths is for its intellect to be prominent over its emotions and help nourish the emotions properly. Hashem gave women an emotional heart. They feel things in good taste, pleasantness, and beauty, with an extra insight than exceeds men’s. But pure intellect, the “father of all desired matters,” is most influential and gives guidance to the emotional as well. In this, men have an advantage. Thus, under the influence of the powerful spiritual event of the inauguration of the Beit Hamikdash, at which point a center of light for Israel and for the world began operation, the Jewish attribute of giving prominence to the intellect became recognized. This brought a most complete state of success and a light of truth and peace. Therefore, at that time all the women gave birth to boys, who were prepared to be involved in intellectual service in the highest way, with prominence even over the emotional.
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