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Shabbat Parashat Bamidbar| 5765

Moreshet Shaul

From the works of Hagaon Harav Shaul Yisraeli zt”l - Reflections Right After the Six Day War - Part II - From Sha’alu Sh’lom Yerushalayim, pp. 53-55
[In the first part, we brought Rav Yisraeli’s reflections on the frightening situation Israel was in before the Six Day War, both because of the external threats but also because of internal weakness. He described the abrupt turnaround in the national mindset before the war, with a surge in the spirit of belief in Hashem and of self-sacrifice, which led up to the great victory. Now we will see his early reflections on the aftermath of the war.]
 Indeed we hear of a strong awakening toward full repentance. There are many among those who were never taught by their parents to believe in Hashem who admit and say: “from Hashem this came into being, it is fascinating in our eyes.” Indeed it is fascinating in all of our eyes. Rabbis of Israel, the obligation placed upon us to guard the holy fire which has been revealed lest it be covered by a pile of compost has grown manifold. Rather we must strengthen this flame and blow air into it in order to return the nation to the way of Torah and mitzvot and the legacy of the religion taught to us by Moshe. Let us correctly characterize this period of history and direct the nation toward the great days that are approaching. Let us know and let us tell the nation that these are the days of Mashiach. That which has been uncovered is like nothing in comparison to that which is yet to be revealed. [Ed. note- there is another sentence about the expected, upcoming days which can be understood in different ways, and we have left it untranslated.] Let us nurture in us the feelings of brotherhood that have been revealed in the nation, and let us fend off the beginnings of fights and discord. Let us bring the nation back to our Father in the Heaven, Who is leading us to the fulfillment of a great destiny.
 Let us delve into learning the words of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Rabbis, and inculcate in the nation the idea that the redemption of Israel is nearing. Let them know that we are in the process of fulfilling the pasuk: “Behold it is a nation that rises like a lion cub and raise itself like a lion” (Bamidbar 23:24). For the prophecy of the end of days is progressing toward actualization, and the nation should prepare for the appearance on the scene of the Divine Kingdom over His chosen nation. Let the great call emanate from us, rabbis of Israel, for the people to return to Hashem with all their hearts and souls. Let us teach wisdom to those who have strayed. We must plant in their hearts the love of Torah and fear of Heaven and bring them to appreciate the sanctity of Shabbat and the eternal covenant between Israel and its Master. We must explain the value of the sanctity of our living quarters and the purity of the daughters of Israel. Let us bring them to seek reliable education for the children and set aside for themselves time for Torah study.
 The community of those who have always been dedicated to Hashem and His Torah should add on to their inner strength, uniting with greater love and brotherhood, by refraining from bickering. Rather we should relate to each other in peace and join in prayer to Hashem that the “Builder of Yerushalayim, He should gather in the dispersed of Israel and return His Presence to Zion and to His nation in great mercy.”
[Ed note- How inspiring it is to relive the great excitement and expectations of those glorious days. How sad is it that we, for whatever reason, did not see the quick progression toward the final, complete redemption. Let us pray for the imminent fulfillment of all of those grand expectations, something which does not look as close now as it did three dozen years ago, but hopefully is right around the corner.]
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