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Shabbat Parashat Emor 5778

Ein Ayah: The Times of Mashiach and Beyond

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 6:47)

Gemara: Rabbi Chiya bar Abba said: The prophecies of the prophets related only to the times of Mashiach, but in the World to Come, “The eye did not see from another anything like that which Hashem will do for those who wait for Him” (Yeshaya 64:3).


Ein Ayah: There are two ways to describe Israel’s rise from the lowness of exile to the high pedestal for which they are fit.

One way is for them to be elevated as an individual nation, separate from any connection they may have with the rest of the world. Under such circumstances, the world will continue to function along the rules of nature that have always existed. The nations will lead their lives, and Israel will inhabit its Land and live its national life in a manner appropriate for their honor. Israel’s special status will be open and clear, and slowly their influence over the nations of the world will have a significant impact. Additionally, there will be elements that connect Israel to the nations that will have to be included in the national life of Israel in order that it will not be totally separated from the rest of the nations. That will enable the nations to view Israel as a part of humanity from whom they are to accept certain lessons. Israel will take part in the universal “concert” of the dealings of the kingdoms.

The second, higher level model of emergence from exile is different. Israel will be elevated to its natural internal character based on its special divinely ordained power, which will enable it to give the whole world a new, refined form of existence. In such a case, it is not just Israel that will be fundamentally elevated, but the whole world will be. Then, an era of special times and a rejoicing in the connection with Hashem will emerge. Godliness will bring happiness and sweetness to every element of life. There will no longer be an incorporation of moral filth into world matters. Anger and depression will have no foothold in life, and there will not be concern about the possibility of dangerous national conflict. There will no longer be an interest in the military strength of nations, so that the sword will lose any standing of importance and will be considered an embarrassing object to possess. This is the glorious period of Mashiach about which the prophets spoke, even though at that time the basic principles of physicality will remain intact. Therefore, there will still be a need to relate to prophecy that references matters that we can discern with our senses and our imagination, as they are impacted by the light of intellect and divinity that exist within humanity.

In the World to Come, there will be a change from the manner of life as we know it, which is limited to matters of the senses, even when it is of a high level. Life will be connected to an infinite light, which will profoundly expand the human soul in a way that we cannot imagine with our senses, imagination, and intellect as they presently exist. About this, Yeshayahu said: “The eye did not see from another anything like that which Hashem will do for those who wait for Him.”  

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