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Shabbat Parashat Behar 5779

Ein Ayah: The Right Way to Prepare for a Big Day

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:22-23)

Gemara: [We are still learning about the timing of events from the arrival at Sinai until the giving of the Torah.] On Sunday, the month [of Sivan] was set, but Hashem did not tell them anything because they were tired from the journey. On Monday, He said to them: “You shall be for Me a kingdom of priests” (Shemot 19:6).


Ein Ayah: The highest level of sanctity is the expression of complete life to its fullest degree. Tiredness, similar to sadness, disturbs the lofty and pure expansion of sanctity. Particularly lofty thoughts and deep feelings, which cannot be held back within boundaries, cannot expand with full impact when one’s spirit is tired. Being tired and weary strengthens the “teeth” of the spiritual Amalek, which does not fear Hashem (based on Devarim 25:18).

It is better for impactful, sacred events to be delayed slightly until the tired regain strength and the weak say, “I am strong now.” One should feel his power, starting with the power of the flesh and blood, upon which the strength of the spirit and the soul can rest.

During the time of weakness, an event’s imprint may provide a false message, making people believe that Hashem prefers weakness and life without initiative. Therefore, one should wait until the point that the strength of the body and spirit return to their secure path. Then, the spiritual event will be received like raindrops on grass on the blessed “young vegetation.” For this reason, during the first day of the week, which is clouded by weakness, Hashem did not say anything to the people because of their weariness from the road.

By the time Monday came, the people were ready to receive the promise of segula (a special status as a unique nation). This crucial status of segula, which was a basic goal of the emerging nation, was ready to be bestowed when the preparations were complete. However, even before this happened, the potential for segula already existed. Therefore, already on Monday, before all the steps that the nation took [to prepare for the receiving of the Torah] to be ready for the great light and when they took control of life, the proclamation of the nation’s imminent segula status was already announced.

The goal of the segula and lofty sanctity found expression on the national level, first and foremost, as the pasuk says: “You shall be for Me a kingdom of priests.” This means that they should be teachers and special guides for the whole world. This requires them to be holy in their external and internal lives, both on an individual and a national level. They would reach the greatest of these statuses only at a later time, and Hashem’s providence focuses upon guiding the world until it He has led it to that point. The final actuality is rooted in the initial thought, even though in order to realize it, one has to traverse complex roads. Both positive and negative preparatory experiences are needed to bring it about.

Dispute and gehinom (purgatory) were created on the second day (Bereishit Rabba 4:6). These are two rungs upon which one has to tread in order to make it to the summit of the goal. But “Hashem’s word shall stand forever” (Yeshayahu 40:8). Before we even performed the matters of preparation and action, we were already promised what would happen at the End of Days. The potential for these spiritual attainments were the segulot that were there from the outset. “You shall be for Me a kingdom of priests” was said on Monday.

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