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Shabbat Parashat Vayishlach 5780

Ein Ayah: Receivers Advantages over Doers

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:93)

Gemara: When Moshe went up to the Heavens, the angels said to Hashem: “What is one who was born by a woman doing among us?” Hashem answered: “He has come to accept the Torah.”


Ein Ayah: Angels are full of spiritual life, of purity, and proper intentions for their actions, which they do quickly and accurately. They were thus shocked to see a creation made out of physical matters, who is the recipient of actions. How could Moshe come from such a lowly place to an equal standing with the holders of important roles in the Heavens?  

Indeed Moshe used his brilliantly holy soul to go up to the Heavens and used his spiritual content to make a strong impression on the angels. They wondered how light and darkness could join together. How could a mere recipient – someone born to a woman – stand among those who act regularly and impressively throughout the universe?

From the light of the King of the Universe’s face came a lofty answer. Those who specialize in actions and spreading light are not capable of receiving the Torah and being impacted by that which is above and beyond them. The angels are static in their level and thrive spiritually only within their natural place. It is actually special to be open to accept and be motivated from within, as those who are born to women can. They can go well beyond their community and take on the load of great sanctity. Thus, it was appropriate that Moshe came to accept the Torah.



Better to Make Changes in Heaven?  

(condensed from Ein Ayah, Shabbat 9:94)


Gemara: [The gemara continues:] The angels said to Hashem: “You want to give to flesh and blood a treasure that has been in hiding since 974 generations before the world was created?!” This is in line with the p’sukim, “Who is man that You consider him, and a person that You provide special things for him?” (Tehillim 8:5). “Hashem, our Master, how great Your name is throughout the world, so that you give Your glory to the Heavens” (Tehillim 8:2).


Ein Ayah: According to the general principle of matters throughout both the physical and spiritual worlds, there are two ways for improvements within existence in the world. One is in an organized, gradual manner of development. The other is through surprises, by means of jumps, where a lofty soul changes its form.  

When something develops slowly, it is not always clear what existed previously. When the “new light shines,” we consider it as if there is a birth and a new existence. It is different when there is a sudden change, which comes with a shock that changes everything in a powerful, rich manner. The lofty content, which had been concealed, becomes clear, as the treasure breaks forth.

The Torah is richer and loftier than anything that has ever been revealed. It burst on the scene suddenly without the world being prepared for it. But Hashem said that there had been enough darkness, and the order of the world was recreated in sanctity with a sense of surprise.

Herein is the question. If such a huge change comes upon the world, it can impact even the world of spiritual beings (i.e., angels), causing them to develop the ability to receive in a manner that they were not able to before [see above]. The angels argued that because the Torah is so great, it must be given to those who can be trusted. As far as their lack of appropriateness (see above), Hashem could “put His glory on the Heavens” to change them. They argued that this is more appropriate for the hidden treasure of Torah.

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