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Shabbat Parashat Emor 5772

Emor | 13 Iyar 5772 | 05/05/2012

P'ninat Mishpat: An Aggressive Landlord part I

The defendants (=def) rented an apartment from the plaintiff (=pl) as they were preparing for aliya, signing a two-year contract (via fax) and paying two months rent weeks before they were to come. The contract required them to give a security deposit upon their arrival in Israel. Upon arrival, the relationship began tensely when def complained by phone about an element of the apartments condition, prompting pl to react with verbal aggressiveness. Upon their first face-to-face meeting, pl demanded the security deposit in cash or with an Israeli check. Def, who were without an Israeli bank account and were experiencing difficulties with cash transfer, were prepared to give only a foreign currency check, but pl viewed this as a ploy. Pl called daily, with the two sides barely understanding each other, speaking in a manner that pl referred to as resolute and def referred to as threatening. After meeting a rabbi and a lawyer, def took their advice to unilaterally back out of the rental. Pl sued for breach of contract that had caused him the loss of four months rent (for non-occupancy) and the difference between defs rental agreement and the lower rent of the new tenants. Def respond that it was not possible to continue living under the threat of eviction and possible violence. Their legal advisors also claim that the agreement was invalid because pl displayed a situation known as ayil vnafik azuzei (anxiously seeking payment) and because pl did not sign the contract.



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